iPhone 8: technical sketches show almost frameless display and rear touch ID

design drawings, the Apple supposedly directly from the -contract manufacturer Foxconn come, show details of the upcoming iPhone 8. A user has set on the Chinese site it Weibo . Their credibility is that there in the previous years each mid-March true schematic drawings of iPhone 6 and 7 iPhone leaked.

the drawings present an iPhone 8 with only minimal frame right and left of the screen. The areas above and below significantly narrower compared to an iPhone 7. Dimensions given to suggest that Apple comes out despite significantly larger display with a similar device size as in the 4.7 inch model of the current generation of iPhone.

(Bild: Weibo)

falls on the construction drawing also on the note of EVT 03. That stands for the third revision of the engineering validation test – so a relatively early phase of Apple’s product development. Devices must then as more phases still design validation test as well as production test run through validation, before them to come to the production stage. So arises that the designs pictured here are perhaps provisional and may still change. In the autumn the Wall Street Journal reported more than ten different prototypes for the next generation iPhone, Apple also by at the same time tried.

the pictured back from Apple’s upcoming flagship Smartphone displays a fingerprint sensor installed on the back, while the dual-camera system is placed vertically in the left upper corner. But previously reported was that Apple fingerprint scanner replace in its present form wants. While the iPhone maker thinks on the one hand of a 3D laser scanner on the front for a facial recognition – but also keep in mind to hide the fingerprint scanner on the glass surface of the display. Still apparently unresolved technical problems oppose the, so also Samsung had to lay the sensor on the back. 9to5Mac considers to be possible that the published sketches show a fallback solution, Apple’s case that a more elegant technical solution is not ready for production.

the rest seem to support the construction drawings taken already before a year prediction of KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of a 2017 pending iPhone with 5.8 inch Amoled display . Kuo repeatedly rightly predicted changes in Apple’s product planning and is particularly evidence from the supply chain.

the Smartphone is characterized by an “entirely new form factor”, as Kuo said in an investor communication. Despite the larger displays, the housing shall be smaller than at previous iPhones with 5.5-inch display. A completely new exterior design bring narrower margins and a more comfortable grip position. The display size of 5.5 inches could account for then maybe, so Apple varieties are offered in 4.7 inches and 5.8 inches.

other reports assume three different models However the iPhone maker is presenting in the autumn of 2017. Therefore, it could be an iPhone 7s alongside a fundamentally renewed iPhone 8 anniversary model as well as a plus give 7 S. The sales launch of iPhone 8 could also mark the tenth anniversary since the presentation of Apple’s first Smartphone. DISPLAY

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