iPhone 8 screen OLED would not Touch ID?

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the new iPhone 8 is already around the corner. And model with display OLED will be the top of Apple this year. But… and if said it that according to an analyst could be that this model will not have Touch ID ?

the problems that having Apple iPhone 8 screen OLED

according to those rumors, this year will see nothing more and nothing less than three models of iPhone, presumably, three iPhone 8 different. The first two models would be the already known, “normal” and the Plus. On the other hand, the third model would be as rumored iPhone 8 -screen OLED that still know how it will be called Apple.

in addition, this latest model, which will also be the most expensive, will feature a screen edge-to-edge or what is the same, as covers most of the front of the device. This leads to a problem, and is that Apple may not include fingerprint reader in the Start button, as this will no longer have a place in the new iPhone.

are where the Touch ID will be then? Here is the question.

 concept of iPhone screen edge-to-edge 8

where to place Touch ID in the next iPhone? Here are the proposals

long time is has been rumored that the iPhone 8 will feature fingerprint reader built into the display . Although, this is what Apple intends to, according to several analysts Apple would be having problems to achieve this reality. What do then Apple if it is not able to incorporate the Touch ID on the screen?

the adventures of an analyst

some might think emergency option, if Apple fails to incorporate the reader of fingerprints on the screen, what you could do would move this Touch ID the back mobile (as in some Android smartphones). Later, when Apple already had its technology, they would put the fingerprint of fingerprint reader on the front, integrating the sensor on the screen. But an analyst doesn’t think so…

Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, has made some rather curious statements in a press release that sent to MacRumors. In it, Andy ‘confirms’ Apple won’t have time list screen OLED with built-in digital fingerprint sensor. Therefore, the solution that Apple would implement would be launch non-Touch model ID until the technology was ready.

 iPhone Touch ID screen built-in 8

summary and conclusion

therefore we have three plausible options :

  • Apple will have prepared in time technology that allows to integrate the fingerprint sensor on the display OLED.
  • Apple will not in time with built-in ID Touch screen, but move it temporarily to the back.
  • the screen reader of coal will not be on time, so Apple will remove that model until the next reader, where you have the technology ready.

I personally bet more on the first or second. The fact of removing the Touch ID seems something very drastic and that would greatly harm Apple. I think the best would be that Apple got already integrate with the screen for this model, but if it is not able to I hope that you know how to fix it…

do you what do you think? do you think that it will make Apple? You’ll fix your problem in time or they will have to improvise?

via: 9to5Mac

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