iPhone 8 could have vertical Chamber and without Touch back ID

iPhone 8 incorporate your Touch ID on the front of the device and their cameras in position vertical

a manufacturer of accessories for iPhone has been online a so-called protective case for future device iOS from Apple, the iPhone expected 8. The accessory in question serves to take regarding some tracks of what we will offer new and anticipated Apple phone that is waiting to be presented officially during the month of September .

But with so much rumor and details on the device that have leaked so far, nobody should be surprised that Tim Cook get on stage with the new iPhone 8 in his hand. The case is that shown attachment, two things clear, can take the position of the Chambers of the device that will go vertically and that do not incorporate Touch ID on the rear panel.

Two cameras in a vertical position for the new iPhone 8

as we have indicated before, the appearance of the protective cover or housing for this new iPhone (which you can find below), gives us the opportunity to see of that form would be positioned new iPhone 8 cameras.

To our surprise and due to the size that is the case, you can see the new iPhone 8 well that it would incorporate two cameras in its rear device and possibly separated among them by flash lens with total security.

Without Touch ID Panel rear

another detail that gives us this look at the cover is that there would be no gap in the open to make room for the Touch ID so safely, we can discard the position back of this new iPhone 8 button and the option to integrate it into the screen . In addition the device incorporates new single connector Lightning all-in-one, i.e., charging and audio as on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It is still early to say whether all this is true or they are simple rumors, it is said that Apple is testing different iPhone, all screen OLED and of similar size to the current iPhone’s market which would include a framework of stainless steel as well as the future wireless charging .

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