iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED, first video unboxing

so is the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) network and the accessories that come in the box

after the official launch of the new products from Apple the website, was published on YouTube first video unboxing dedicated to the new iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED .

In addition to the unboxing, the author of this video take this opportunity to share some opinions on which is the first Smartphone of the Californian firm of Red .

First impressions on the iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED

as we have seen, it is the first video which shows the iPhone 7 Plus network a color that has been defined in this review as “ red and very similar to the versions (PRODUCT) network of the different iPod “.

Also highlights some developments on the case of this device, in relation with the logo of Apple, photo phone and in your name “ iPhone ” written in red.

In addition, in the box, comes a special section in which discusses the collaboration between Apple and (RED), which was born to help those suffering from HIV and to combat the disease in question.

The company explains that a portion of the profits obtained by the purchase of this special iPhone are intended in favor of International Fund for the fight against AIDS .

Accessories that come in the box iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED

together, in box also comes the familiar quick use guide, detailed information about the guarantee on the device and two stickers with the logo of Apple (), together with the charger, USB/Lightning cable and the headphones EarPods white.

Brownlee responsible for making this video, in what refers to the design has been defined the housing anonizada of color red as “ incredibly good “, highlighting the contrast between the metal, the objective of the camera’s black and silver color of the logo of logo.

However, you have some questions about the front in which Apple has taken the decision to leave it completely in white. In regards to the outline of the Touch ID which discussed that I leave in silver color instead of red color, the video is defined as “ misplaced”.

They are concepts of an iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED with front black

the arrival of the iPhone (PRODUCT) RED and complaints from users about the availability of this device only with white front, have made that designers believe the same concepts with the black front panel.

In the photo you see above is you can observe as it would be the phone with the front in black. Do you you think? 7 iPhone like you Plus (PRODUCT) RED with white front or you prefer the on the black front panel proposed by this designer?

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