IPhone 7 Plus beats the Samsung Galaxy S8 in speed test

 iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 +

if Apple fame with the power of their devices was quite proven, it can be that we are facing a coup of Cupertino on competition.” The terminal that it is presumed will be competition from the iPhone in this 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + fails to overcome the 7 Plus iPhone in a speed test.

iPhone 7 Plus against the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, the winner is not new

Let’s face, provided that leave the top terminals market, YouTube is filled with videos with comparisons where the iPhone always (or almost always) usually finishing victorious. In this case it has been EverythingApplePro who has decided to test both terminals under the same circumstances by throwing a few impressive data for 7 Plus iPhone.

in the different tests that we see in video that I leave here, we can see as the typical test of open and close applications on both terminals (17 apps to be exact). In this test the iPhone 7 Plus shows that the data do not always have reason already that with less RAM and a SoC more compact than its rival, Apple’s device manages to perform the same tasks in half the time that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 +, yes you read well, half the time! .

 iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 +

a better management by the operating system (iOS 10) along with a hardware to measure seem Apple keys in this section. It is truth that the Samsung Galaxy + S8 recovers better once applications are open thanks to their multi-tasking but makes it clear who is the manufacturer making better integration between hardware and software.

more evenly-matched Benchmarks

came the turn of the second test, the famous and controversial benchmarks in the first of these tests we see how the 7 Plus iPhone succeeds in imposing score when you work with single-core (the A10 merger has good because of these results), with a score of 3.478 opposite the 1846 of the Samsung Galaxy + S8.

 iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 +

when we look at the result in multicore result already begins to shed some clarity for Samsung, the Koreans get 5.929 points versus the 5.917 of 7 Plus iPhone . By the hairs get impornerse a terminal that, a priori, should be much more powerful than the iPhone last year.

 iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 +

if we are to test for Antutu you can see more of the same, maximum equality in numbers. Samsung Galaxy S8 + 163.734 points is imposed by the minimum against the 160.262 which can reach the iPhone 7 Plus . We must remember that these points may suffer slight variations depending on updates that arise over the coming months.

However, draws attention as terminals that will be presenting the competition are still taking a lower performance than the iPhone last year. It seems that Apple has been more a year of advantage on performance issues to the rest of the competition but the worst thing for them is that Apple seeks how to continue improving and squeezing their relationship to hardware-software in the not-too-distant future.

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