Instagram adds check in two steps as a new method of safety


Instagram continues to add new features to your application, if we talked at the time about the famous Instagram Stories, today plays talk about security within the application. Instagram developers just add important news in this section we will detail.

Instagram and their new developments

the first big news of this new update of Instagram comes in the section on filters this Facebook application developers have added a new blur filter able to conceal potentially sensitive content. Since the company itself are running this means that users “ are less likely to have negative experiences or simply experiences unwanted within the application “, this will depend on what determine the review team judging the content users climbing. “

 Instagram check two steps 9to5mac

but the news does not end there, security is another of paragraphs which are also reinforced. Instagram added verification in two steps for all users . When we find ourselves in a different team to that usually enter Instagram, the application will send us via a text message a verification code which you will have to add when it comes to log in to this new device. From Instagram say that these updates will help the application to move forward to “ build a community safer and more friendly among its users “.

the objectives of its developers

according to own developers, mission and task in the short term is that of transform Instagram in a place more friendly and welcoming for all users . What is more clear is that these improvements are beginning to arrive from the Security section, but expected more news in the near future.


this week, Bloomberg stated that Instagram was working on a new way to allow your users to perform book directly within the application from hairdressing appointments or salons of beauty, restaurants, cinemas or theatres, etc. This movement would be intended to compete directly with other applications like Yelp, where users can also add and publish pictures and/or comments of different companies, but in this place directly from these companies Instagram page. In short, promoting a community of opinions with the aim of informing customers of the quality of a company directly from their app.

to promote the use of these new tools that will appear on Instagram in future updates, the developers have created a world meeting on 25 and 26 March, where users around the world will gather in order to “share their stories”. As they say from the application itself, on 25 and 26 March tens of thousands of Instagramistas from around the world will join World InstaMeet 15 share their stories and spread the goodness in the world . Follow aware of potential developments on these dates and of course Facebook applications integrated into the environment of iOS environment.

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