Instagram adds a new form of organization called collections


Instagram to incorporate new functionality to make us a little more enjoyable our passage through this social network. new stickers included a few days ago and this time added a new form of organization which have named ‘collections’ .

collections comes to reinforce the possibility of keeping Instagram publications

a few months ago that Apple included the ability to save publications to then see . With this update the stories that we want to see in the future may now be better arranged. In addition the Organization will be better, since collections we can have it organized in different categories.

 instagram collections

as you can see in the image above, now when we give the icon that was added a few months ago to to send those stories to a folder” “to see them later, as we see in YouTube some videos, applying the function” see later “. Now we can do this, but creating categories to have a larger organization internally. This the obsessed will thank you with having it all under the order.

Although this update has not been announced with a download in the App Store the official account of Instagram has uploaded a story announcing this new feature. Something that will be very interesting.

Instagram has focused on enhancing this capability Save stories, because more than 40% of the users, have used frequently this functionality. Therefore, that Instagram has all its resources focused on this functionality to be able to continue exploiting it and bring us, the users of this application a better experience when it comes to be sailing seeing stories from our friends.

now tell us what you think of that can now organize the stories from your friends in different categories, is it useful? do you use this feature often? Let us in the comments what you think on the matter.

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