In the United States, Samsung promises monthly updates for free Galaxy smartphones

Samsung wants in the United States will also free devices that were not sold through mobile service provider with monthly security updates provide. This emerges from an E-Mail which ZDNet US is . So far, the Canadian companies, to provide every three months patches is limited.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will receive update on Android 7.0 nougat (image: Samsung) In the August 2015 Google and Samsung had announced in response to the first stagefright gaps in the future to close once a month security vulnerabilities in its Android operating systems. Google then introduced a monthly patch day. And provides the fixes its partners already one month before – still only BlackBerry and LG have adopted so far in addition to Samsung the monthly cycle.

while Google updates only on still supported nexus – and pixel device distributed, limit on current premium models LG and Samsung its commitment . With a certain time lag and irregularly obtained but also older Samsung Smartphones such as the Galaxy S5 security patches. However it has already happened that Samsung reneges on the promise of update on current flagship models: In the context of the nougat update many users had to wait until early March, for example, on the January update. Mid-March was S7 and S7 edge have in this country across the provider is still the security patch level 1 January.

“Due to various circumstances we have released security updates quarterly for free Galaxy devices in the United States”, says an E-Mail from Samsung mobile security. “We have now eliminated these challenges and are now behind the publication of monthly security updates for these devices.” The March security update will delivered soon.

Samsung distributes security updates for its smartphones and tablets in General over the air. Alternatively, it is possible to download the updates on the software Samsung smart switch and install. Actually Samsung should provide the patches for free devices even timely, because here no adjustments on the part of the provider are required. The distribution of the nougat update on Galaxy S7 and S6, however, shows that apparently also other factors play an important role – with two generations of the Galaxy S series Vodafone customers benefit from the updates were in this country first.


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