“{” “” “” “” “” In Switzerland begin to use drones for the transfer of samples of laboratory

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many are the occasions in which drones, suitably modified by experts, are able offer services to a truly enviable speed . An example clearly have it in how today have been used such devices to send medicines to areas inaccessible or directly all type of packages as it can occur in the Amazon Prime Air Service.

as it is usually the case with such things, have also been certain modifications, in this case both home as professionals seeking to provide to any person, and even armies of new weapons. Example of this type of modifications can be found in the recent attacks carried out by the ISIS or in how United States attempts to equip his military with drones folding.

Switzerland implemented a regular service for transport of laboratory samples with drones in 2018.

away from the negative side that can offer the use of drones, I would today we talk about the initiative that have been in Switzerland through which since mid-March, the company Swiss Post has been testing more than 70 times its drones for the transfer of medical samples and laboratory.

after all these tests and that each and every one of them proves a success, the company has achieved green light for power establish a regular service to the year 2018 . As you can see, at the moment perhaps date is still a little far and this is due to that the company is working together with the regulatory body of the country’s aviation to develop a law that limits as much as possible the risks of using drones in cities.

in terms of used drones, as reviewed by the own Swiss Post in an official statement, talk about units capable of load up to 2 kg and move at a maximum speed of 36 km/h. At the same time, to facilitate work of takeoff and landing, the same is have provided with a new system of infrared, and even a parachute for emergency situations.

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