Improve your old keyboard with a plate Arduino Mini Pro

 old keyboard with Scroll

many of us probably have changed keyboard not by its malfunction but by one better which gives us more quickly when writing with it. It is something that also happened with mice, from mice with ball to the wireless.

a user has tried to improve the keyboard and mouse that we all have but without changing device just by adding an interesting add-on, a manual scroll .

this manual scroll is added to the keyboard shaped lever, a lever fully functional thanks to a plate Arduino Mini Pro. This plug-in allows you to add a scroll to keypad making is not necessary to use the mouse or better said not having to switch accessory to write or enter information.

plate Arduino Mini Pro takes care of connecting lever with hardware keyboard thus sending the information to the mouse. The lever will be useful for when you need to make scroll or simply move the mouse to click, all without using the mouse.

an old keyboard can recover life thanks to a plate Arduino Mini

the construction of this custom keyboard is easy so easy that you don’t need make a Guide only need to know how Arduino Mini Pro and connect it to the pc. With this knowledge we can create this keyboard and be more productive at work because it will save us the time of use of the mouse. The price of this add-on is pretty low, but still it can get quite expensive if we take into account the new keyboard with built-in mouse.

If you have an old and quite broken keyboard it is best to change the keyboard for a keyboard with built-in mouse . But if you really our keyboard is new and works pretty well, the best alternative we have is this plug-in with Arduino Mini Pro.

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