iFixit: Battery of the Galaxy S8 + is the same as the Galaxy note 7

iFixit has adopted the two new premium smartphones by Samsung . It is the technicians of the US company noticed that the battery of the Galaxy S8 + has same specifications as the Galaxy note 7. Both power storage coming at a capacity of 3500 mAh and 3.85 volts on a performance by 13,48 WH. But also the gaps around the battery as well as the position of the appliance should be rated 7 ‘very similar’. “

 iFixit the Galaxy S8 + has decomposed (image: iFixit). iFixit the Galaxy S8 + has decomposed (image: iFixit). “voltage, capacity and dimensional tolerances of the battery of the Galaxy S8 + are virtually identical to the Galaxy note 7. The battery of our device comes even from the same manufacturer”, writes iFixit employee Samantha Lionheart in a blog . “Samsung is apparently confident that the Akkuproblem was a problem of manufacturing quality. The tightly bonded battery of the Galaxy’s S8 series proves that they are convinced by their eight-point plan.”

In relation to the reparability lie and Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 + on par with the note 7 – but also far behind Apple’s current flagship iPhone 7 back. While the latter received 7 out of 10 possible points last fall, Galaxy S8 and S8 + must settle for now with 4 points. Positive, only the modular structure of some components stands out, which facilitates their Exchange.

iFixit describes but unnecessarily difficult as possible, exchange of the battery. This is due to the bonding of the rechargeable battery. Before firmly bonded glass cover must be removed however, which emerged only after massive usage of Wärmekissens. In addition, iFixit assumes that the curved glass cover of the display usually do not replace can, without damaging the AMOLED screen.

the teardown is also insight into some of the components used by Samsung. So are the 835 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, the Samsung in the US variant 4 GB installed, LPDDR4 RAM to the page. By Qualcomm are also the audio chip, the power management module, and the LTE modem. The Wi-Fi module refers to Samsung, however, Murata, the NFC controller from NXP and the 64 GB large flash memory from Toshiba.

first teardown videos on YouTube had been published at the weekend. They also showed that the housing must first be heated before dissolves the glass cover. For example, a noisy can be – performed by repair specialists also because the glue needed to seal the enclosure needs to be replaced.


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