If you have an iPad Air 2, the funda-teclado Type + of Logitech you will like

If you have an iPad Air in this article we teach you a Holster with Logitech keyboard to turn your iPad into a laptop for practical purposes

would change my iPad for iPad Pro with keyboard?

something that I got to raise when it went on sale the iPad Pro and your specific keyboard was to change my Air 2 iPad. I used my iPad to take notes in College, and write on the screen is very fluid, and how what happens if it had to be switching between multiple applications are making very slow. That is why I found this cover of Logitech and the truth is that you changed my way of looking at the iPad as a tablet to see it as a laptop. Logitech Type


this company launched a few days ago a case keyboard for the latest model of iPad this year, and the truth is that it is a brand that with only heard his name, already inspires confidence.

in this case the keyboard cover here is none other than the Logitech Type + a case which has the peculiarity of being of fabric on the outside. It is available in black and red. I have to tell you that I have is red and spectacular is placed on the iPad.

box in which comes the cover is of very good quality, and if the case is so, could be cover it? Because I tell you in the following sections.

 Logitech outdoor type + outside completely of fabric

as I mentioned above, all the external part of the cover is a half rugged fabric, yet soft enough. In addition, Logitech has made it a tissue that is easily cleaned and is really very little mess. I’ve used it for months and endures better dirt than the Smart COver of Apple.

 Logitech indoor type + inside the sleeve, by combining the rubber and plastic

the inside comes to have two main materials: the rubber and plastic . The rubber dedicated to secure iPad to the sleeve, and the plastic construction of this in general, including the keyboard itself. Very simple without anything other than necessary to ensure an excellent writing. Placement

the iPad is embedded into the cover through a system that has in the corners to prevent this from slipping or falling. In fact in the above photo you can see those parts of which you speak.

fitted once must not worry since only making force can remove the iPad. In addition, even with the bag, the design of the iPad is still convenient to carry anywhere .

 Logitech type + so is the iPad with the attached cover.

Design end and functionality

already have seen that the design is spectacular. In addition, and it is something what I love is that it does not add a great weight or too thick. Let’s be honest, this cover includes a keyboard, which we cannot ask him a lower weight, because it would be quite difficult.

in terms of the features, you can use it as any computer keyboard, with its keyboard shortcuts – something that I loved it – for example, by pressing the combination of keys Command + Tab to change between the different apps you have open really quickly.

 Logitech type + appearance of the keyboard and functions dedicated to iOS

if we focus on the specific functionality dedicated to iOS them can be found at the top of the keyboard. “Among them – in order – they are: button

    • key home dedicated to open the dashboard to see apps that are open
    • button of Siri
    • search for Spotlight
    • the web search
    • open the virtual keyboard
    • screenshot media controls
    • bloqueo.y button volume controls unlock

    my impressions and conclusions

     Logitech type + LED that warns us if the sheath is in operation

    I am really happy with it. The battery lasts months using it daily. Even the own sleeve lets us know if it is on or not through a small LED, which lights up when we put the iPad on a surface where is stuck by magnets.

    even though its price is rather high, since the € 100 round, still recommending people usually write on your iPad on a daily basis. It is a case of great quality and unbeatable performance.

    If you decide to buy it, you leave a link. You know that if you buy it we want to know your impressions and experiences with her.

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