“If this concept is the iPhone 8, many would like to have it

 iPhone 8 concept

so far already have left many images and concepts of the new iPhone 8 always as a result of rumours or ideas that some creative may have. Now, have become Thiago M Duarte and Ran Avni designers who have launched its video concept offering his idea of how it will be the new Apple device.

front camera and Touch ID fused on the screen of the iPhone 8

the possibility that is having more fame is Touch ID within the screen the front camera included inside the screen itself, becoming invisible. In the video we see four speakers, one at each corner of the device. In this case, involves a s much better speaker system to the current iPad Pro .

in addition, the video takes us to design of a screen OLED with typical of this type of displays deep blacks. In addition, displays the ID Touch screen, something that is not known although it can be found in this iPhone or will be in subsequent. It also includes an iPhone 8 ceramic, similar to the ceramic Apple Watch Edition. though they are almost the only ones who have considered this as a possibility.

video concept similar to see those us from Apple

the quality of this video is very good, showing us an iPhone 8 in the same way that Apple could do it. Even so, can see errors such as front camera that is invisible and also is at the center of the screen (although it is possible that due to that you want to emphasize during the video). Anyway, if so out finally the iPhone 8 are confident that Apple would not commit the error to find such an effect on the videos and less on a high range with a distraction device as well in the middle of the screen.

and you, what do you think of this new concept of the iPhone 8? Do you think that we are closer to the new device that Apple will present us? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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