IDC: Tabletmarkt shrinks in Q1/2017 by 8.5 percent

for the tenth time in a row the market researchers of IDC recorded a decline in sales of tablets. While classic Tablet without a keyboard are in a steep descent, sales of devices with keyboard, so called Detachables or 2-in-1 grow however.

the product category was based with the appearance of the iPads in the year 2010. For three years, IDC reported as strong growth, which put all other consumer devices in the shade. The sales peak of reached tablets in 2014. Since then it goes downhill.

some people come the end of the PC through saw the emergence of tablets. In fact, PCs lost market share since release of tablets. But in the first quarter of 2017 IDC witnessed again a rise in 2012 in PC sales.

Apple remains despite a sales decline that continues now 13 quarters, market leader. In the future, IDC Apple sees in the first place. Samsung stays on rank 2 at relatively stable unit sales.

Huawei that – increased sales of tablets as the only one of the top 5 manufacturers and by 31.7 per cent ranks third. The Chinese producers clearly behind Apple with 8.9 and Samsung with 6.0 million is back with now 2.7 million units. 4th ranked Amazon the 2.2 million tablets could set off. Close behind lands tablets sold Lenovo with 2.1 million.

 IDC: Tablet market drops for the tenth time in a row (table: IDC)

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