IDC: iPhone market share falls in China to less than 10 percent

Apple has according to IDC in the first quarter, 26.7 per cent of fewer iPhones in China sold as in the same period last year. As a result, the market share of the company from Cupertino to less than 10 percent by – 9.6 million iPhones sold comply with 9.2 percent. Between January and March 2016 controlled Apple 12.7 percent of the market.

 iPhone 7 matte black (image: Apple) “Apple experienced a double-digit decline in the fifth quarter in a row”, said Tay Xiaohan, senior market analyst at IDC Asia Pacific. “But we believe that Chinese consumers wait anniversary iPhone at the end of the year for the launch of Apple’s and that this will help Apple to reach a turning point in the Chinese Smartphonemarkt.”

a total Apple according to the 10,726 billion dollars in China implemented published balance sheet in the last week in the first quarter, 14 percent less than a year ago. The iPhone sales worldwide fell by one percent – the iPhone sales increased by one percent.

the statistics from IDC shows that the Smartphonemarkt in China has grown significantly slower in the first quarter as the global market. In the people’s Republic 104.1 million smartphones found a buyer, representing an increase of 0.8 in the first quarter of 2017 percent. Around the world, however 347,4 million units were deposed, 4.3 percent more than a year ago.

Chinese leader currently Huawei, which increased its share thanks to 20.8 million delivered Smartphones (+ 25.5%) by four points to 20 percent. With a growth of 19.5 percent, oppo defended his second place at least in the previous year – was in the fourth quarter of 2016 oppo still ahead of Huawei.

third place secured in vivo with 14.6 million units and a share of 14.1 percent. In the global statistics show Huawei oppo and vivo currently ranks three to five – behind Samsung and Apple.

in China made it the Korean leader, however, again not in the top 5. Xiaomi there is the “bottom” with 9.3 million units sold (minus 7.5) and 9 per cent market share. The category others declined, however, to 9.6 percent to 30.8 million units or 29.6 percent – the five leading providers control more than 70 percent of the Chinese market. All over the world come the five largest Smartphonehersteller, however, only on a common share of 60 percent.


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