IBM introduces new solutions for NVMe prospect

IBM has new solutions for NVMe (non-volatile memory Express) in views . Users should therefore drop large amounts of data with lower latencies on Flash memory and read out. The company thus promises a significant increase in system performance. According to IBM, especially users who move large amounts of data, such as provider of cloud services, in the retail, banking and travel sector or other sectors of this development will benefit.

 with the software Defiend storage-spectrum storage solution supports IBM already first features by NVMe. (Image: IBM) with the software Defiend storage-spectrum storage solution supports IBM already first features by NVMe. (Image: IBM)

the company would revise now the entire end to-end storage portfolio, to customize the solutions on the new Protocol. For this, IBM will optimize the entire storage stack from the application to the storage of the data for the new technology.

than Protocol solves NVMe the traditional interface technologies SATA and SAS for data storage on solid state disks from. The higher performance results due to the simultaneous and parallel processing of data in a network. The result is that this larger data sets and real time workload more effectively manage themselves. IBM wants to now include NVMe across the entire storage portfolio and 2018 with products on the market come in the first half.

own statements according to support to IBM but already since 2016 with the FlashSystem A9000 first feature from NVMe, how about the user space I/O cycle paradigm that allows an application to speak directly with the Flash memory without for different layers of the operating system.

with the storage software gives IBM spectrum scale support for the local read-only cache feature (LROC), which is also part of NVMe and for higher application performance provides.

new interface technology is the smaller competitor to the IBM pure storage, which already for a few weeks with the FlashArry / / X based NVMe all-Flash array in the range IBM one step has completely ahead. The new top model of the manufacturer to the first enterprise-ready all-NVMe all-Flash array be industry and offer also a 99.9999% availability in addition to a significant improvement of system performance. For this, the manufacturer extended the own Flash array architecture with Flash-management of new purity DirectFlash software, which among other things the Speicherheinheiten driver management is centralized.

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