Huawei reveals the formula for his success at the level of SmartPhones!

few markets are as volatile as the technology of consumption and in recent years especially in the mobile device market, where Giants have been falling! BlackBerry is dying, reeling like a beaten fighter and everything seems to indicate that the world is before a change in the market due to the prominence of Chinese equipment manufacturers that have managed to produce devices of the highest quality, for different segments of the market, at prices that others not have been able to compete.

the secret of success!

is the case of Huawei , the Chinese giant, which in recent years has wiped out everything what is catching on his way, is interesting to analyze what are the values that mark has tried to project and sustain to get Mt away.

  • apparently look at each type of consumer use tends to be something fundamental. Under that premise, each user could find a terminal that fits their needs,
  • battery, finishes, camera, software, and other specifications are not as important (according to Huawei) as the experience of use and the service which a brand can offer consumers,
  • innovation, connectivity, deep learning (#DeepLearning to extend the useful life of devices) and the bonds of partnership or collaboration with other manufacturers they are the factors that has been widely benefiting users of the brand.

troubleshooting to view the following video about the secret behind the success of Huawei, click here .

will be that the foregoing if it is effective?

apparently the above works, because in spite of its short history in the consumer (approximately 5 years) market, Huawei is among the three largest manufacturers of #SmartPhones around the world and Latin America figures speak for themselves!

now, despite the results, Huawei does not seem to comply with the Honorable third place and, therefore, the strategy of the Chinese manufacturer is strive to become the first in Latin America and worldwide.

what is the future of Huawei?

the future is somewhat uncertain, but, based on what has been seen during the #CES2017, Huawei has begun “on the right foot”, longer than the matte 9 (which will be discussed subsequently in TECHcetera), Matt 9 lite, nova and P9 Lite 2017 are products that seem to have a promising future.

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