How to view and edit the web site passwords stored in Safari

many are users, who have opted to make use of the fantastic 1Password application, application that allows us to store any password, credit card, logins, software licenses, bank accounts virtually since its launch,… But little by little the keychain in iCloud service has become an application that covers most of the needs of any user who needs hand always have your passwords, without having to use the same for all services.

iCloud Keychain, not only synchronizes all the passwords that we use regularly in our Mac or iOS device, they also also synchronizes the Wifi connections, ideal for when we visit a place where do not provide us the password but that requested us the device to write it and allow us access to the internet.

whenever we connect to a web page, iCloud Keychain takes care of reminding us that you have stored data, in such a way that we don’t have the need to write us for access. But it is likely that on occasion we are forced to share our data with any person or family in these cases, we must know how we can access all passwords and user names from web sites that we want to share.

access to these data is very simple, since you only have to go to settings. We must look for Safari within settings. The options offered by Safari, we go to the General section, where we can find passwords. To be able to access what information stored, iOS asked us our device code or make use of the Touch ID to confirm that we are the rightful owners.

in doing so, will display all web sites to have addressed them above, along with the user name and password user name that we can modify without any problem. What does not allow us to do is share this information directly, which will force us to take a screenshot if that is our intention.

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