How to use the function “Sleep” of the alarm from your iPhone

function “Sleep” of iOS is a great unknown for the vast majority of users, so much that many have never configured this option that Apple aims to give us the chance to improve our dream, since it promises to wake us up at the exact moment to make our day starts on the right foot. This is the result of many of the studies that Apple has been doing over the years with the application “Health” and other devices in the form of hardware such as Apple Watch. important thing right now is to know how really iOS “sleep” function, and if it really will help us sleep better.

then we will go organized by parties, as always, you can dip into our index to go directly to the part of the text that interests you, or simply because you want to read the content in the fastest way possible. In this tutorial you will learn how to configure the “Dream” of iOS feature so that you wake up at the most convenient time to optimize your sleep. so then, here we go, and don’t forget that now iPhone always have you need to have to point your iPhone and your iPad.

configuration of the alarm and the schedule of sleep

Let’s start pasito a pasito, and the first without a doubt going to be tell the function “Sleep” what are our bedtime habits. To do this, we will direct the application of our iOS device alarm as we do to establish an ordinary alarm. We will see, now in the bottom center have added a new one. when you click on this option, present us quickly with a small text content of the same, and will only have to click on “start” to configure the system.

once we started, the first question that we will do is: “to what time want you to wake up?” here we do not change our habits, we will include the time to which woke us way regular to go to work or anyone who is our routine duty. Act followed, shall reply to: “what days would sound the alarm?” as you can see, this configuration is exactly equal to the alarm of any well configured in iOS.

then plays tell the device how many hours need to sleep at night, it is important that each user answers simply according to their habits, since we are faced with a personal detail that it will depend on the way in which each administered their hours of sleep. And finally, let’s reply to: when would like to receive the reminder that it is bedtime? as did our parents for a long time, our iOS device is going to advertise the right time so that we go to bed.

recent steps, the genial tone of alarm clock

is that Apple has finally recognize that usual wake-up tones from the application of alarm are shrill and can be made to stand up in a bad mood to somebody, therefore have included a series of acoustic for all tastes. listen to them one by one and choose which go over according to your personality, or that suits you, just think that it will be the first thing you hear in a long day of work. Also don’t forget that if you have inside the device or through Apple Music music, also you can select these songs as ringtones of the alarm, if you do not end up convinced that Apple offers.

and the configuration will be completed, now only have to go to the dream app for go see as progress your statistics and know whether you are complying with the provisions.

review our history of dream

once set this alarm, will always have a record of the quality of our sleep. These data will be most effective if use while you sleep an Apple Watch, for example, however, the iPhone itself is able to determine the quality of your sleep if you leave it on the nightstand although we recommend that if you use this function, you connect to charge overnight.

to find out if you are sleeping effectively, you will have to keep bars from the history of dream within the two orange lines, that will be a clear indicator that you are improving the quality of the same, and for this you have to try to lie down and get up always at the same time, or failing that, when the application otherwise you. Apple said to have worked hard to develop this type of functionality to improve the health of their customers and personally, I am giving you an opportunity during these days, since specialists ensure that routine at bedtime habits improve the quality of life.

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