How to use Clips of Apple to make videos fun and amazing

during the month of March, Apple showed us a new application that would allow us to create a special video, joining fashion Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat include software developments that give us the opportunity to differentiate our content on social networks. Apple knows that you cannot it be better advertising than a huge number of users taking advantage to clip through the stories of Instagram, said and done. However, Clips is a diamond in the rough for many more things, for this reason, we would like to do a tutorial on what are the functions of Clips and how you can create content authentic and fun with them big .

so take a seat and put the batteries because you’ll become an expert of Clips, will create the most entertaining videos and editarás your pictures in the best way thanks to our tutorial. We are going everywhere, take advantage of the index to skip functions that you may already know inside out and go more interested that, prepared, ready… now!

first of all what is Clips?

clips is the way in which Apple has decided to appoint a video, audio and simple photo editing application. The application will give us little more content than we would have in Instagram stories, for example, is, however, a slightly more powerful tool by which we can add something more surprising filters and, above all, is a method to differentiate what type of content in social networks has been shared through an iPhone using their unique and exclusive filters. As it could not be otherwise, the stickers and geolocation are an important part of what we believe.

the application is completely free and is available on the iOS App Store, to get it just download it via the link that you have left at the beginning of this section. However, take this opportunity to remind you that Clips will not work in any device that does not have processor x 64 or iOS 10.3, as well as, only can run it in all models of the iPhone from the iPhone 5s, and all models of iPad iPad Air as well as iPod Touch 6ªG.

first shots of contact with Clips from

easy as always in the products Apple premium ease-of-use. Once we open Clips, have three functions to choose the source to edit:

  • how I capture and edit a photo with Clips? to do this have just above the Snapshot button the three options, how does the native House of iOS. Select the photo option to take a simple picture. You will then appear just the button to capture other two buttons, the activate flash and choose the front camera, for a good selfie.
  • how do I capture and edit a video with Clips? the same process that just before this time click on the “Vídeo” option and see it as a huge red button that reads “Press and hold” to record appears, and unlike the Chamber of iOS, you will have to keep it down as you want that video last. To the left of the huge red button we have the ability to mute the audio, and the change of camera right.
  • how do I edit a photo or video of the reel with Clips? could not miss the editing of contents previously stored, in this case we are going to take the function more on the right, called library, and we will proceed with the modification.

so simple is to choose the content that we are going to capture or choose to edit with Clips. But this is not all, we will continue with the features.

how can add the simultaneous text (Live Titles) to a video/photo Clips?

vale, we will record, and we want to appear a text that we are going to dictate the application. It is one of the most interesting features of Clips being serious, at least it seems technical and most fascinating software deployment. To do this we will capture the video to our choice previously. once we have it recorded, we will choose the first feature by the left of Clips. the first time you press it will open different types of Live Titles that you can select, so we chose the more convince us.

now only have to to hold the same big, red button we used to record and go dictating the text we want to appear on the video or photo that we want to add the Live Titles.

how can add filters to a video or photograph of Clips?

another of its most interesting aspects are the filters, the second feature by the left of Clips is really fascinating. It is true that you do not have much content, but some filters like Comic Book are really interesting. now we just have to try between the dropdown which is we like and select it. When have chosen you you will be saved in the selected Clip, more smoothly, others works instantly.

how to add stickers and emojis to a video/photo Clips?

we’re going to the Stickers, as it happens with the Instagram stories, also we will have “Geolocation”, means that it will occasionally appear us exclusive content linked to the area in which we find ourselves. We will also have the option to resize them in the easiest way, once we chose it and it appears to us in the middle of the screen, press to move as when want to move an icon of the Springboard, and to expand it or reduce it just we have to pinch extending fingers or approaching them nothing easier. If we swipe from right to left will appear a list of the latest emojis have used and which can also add to our Edition.

just right with the “T” icon have also intros, bumpers that allow us to express more cinematic form what we mean. Choose it easily and by clicking on the text will allow us to modify it, to so say whatever you want, as you can see on the picture at the top.

how can add sounds and songs to my Video Clips?

surprisingly, and more knowing Apple, the application has a small list of soundtracks that we can choose for free (without going through iTunes) that we choose to accompany our videos. They have dubbed them as they have been thought convenient, so we will have to navigate to find the sound that we see more adjusted to our needs.

click on the cloud of iCloud with icon that appears directly next to the song and will download it so that we can add it to our videos. This is a great option that seems to me to be extremely interesting and that will make our videos even more special. The truth is that they are small details that make Clips a different multimedia content -editing application, moreover, what seems most surprising is the agile that moves taking into account the type of content that handles.

perfect, got it, now… How do share my creations of Clips?

because we already have the most important, the content, now share it where and how we want are going to click on the date in the upper right corner, so will open us our creations. Click on you want to share with others, and the basic menu will appear to us, we will have the option to “ open ” at the bottom center, to see it; The button of “ Play ” in the lower left corner and as always, in the corner bottom right is the button “ share ” which will open the drop-down where you can choose which social network we want to share our creation with Clips or save it directly to the spool or iCloud Drive, at our option.

tricks to take more advantage of Clips

but those were details General now let’s leave here a series of tips basic which will allow you to get a little more party clips, if some detail has escaped us:

  • how do delete a video/photo created with Clips? as we so result in removing an application from the Springboard, hold the content in the share and will be shown a small “X” that will allow us to remove it.
  • can do zoom in the videos/photos of Clips? in effect, the option is press twice on the screen, or pinch fingers, separating as we would with the iPhone’s camera.
  • always is better to capture video without filters, I even personally recommend to first capture the video with the normal iOS Chamber, to take advantage of the quality and then edit the video using Clips.

because this was all guys, hope I have helped to withocer a little more Clips, this fantastic application for editing video presented by Apple, so you do not delay more, capture your first Clips and share them on social networks, become a fantastic editor the easiest content and faster that you’ve been able to imagine, and if you know more tricks, leave them in the comments box.

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