How to unsubscribe from mailing lists in Gmail

Spam . Processed meat Tin, not spam. Foreign offers of medicines, watches, handbags, sportswear, bitcoins stolen Steam keys… whatever, wherever. some mailing lists completely ignore our requests for low, and others have a legitimate component. However, it is necessary to click on each email to confirm the request. Gmail Unsubscriber is an open script source compatible with Google Sheets that automates the process within Gmail, marking these unwanted emails with a simple tag.

request mailing lists is a tedious procedure, and in the vast majority of cases our requests are discarded completely. The underlying problem is that no control over the destiny of the address class there is. Did you buy something on eBay? This portal probably do nothing disastrous, but I guarantee that the Chinese seller already placed your e-mail in half a dozen lists as a minimum. Then there are services that seem interesting at first, and that a couple of months later they become machines spit out spam. Gmail filters help to purge these emails until they touch our Inbox, but if what you want is a system of general low, you might want to try Gmail Unsubscriber to .

this form shall be filled as the script confirm casualties or detect errors

Gmail Unsubscriber is an open script source arising as a response to the incident of dedicated with a similar function, but who was caught selling information about its users to über. The idea is that the script run without leaving Google servers and for that relies on Google Sheets. Its configuration begins creating a copy of the script on Google Sheets through the official website, and clicking on Gmail Unsubscriber. At this point, the script requests access to Gmail account, and creates a new tag in its interior, which can be any name («Unsubscribe» es la opción de fábrica) . Once finished, all that remains to be done is to go to Gmail, mark all unwanted emails, and assign to them the Unsubscribe tag. Within the next fifteen minutes, the low (hayan sido exitosas o no) shall be recorded on the form.

mark the post unwanted with Unsubscribe tag, and waiting

Gmail Unsubscriber still has some sharp edges. Personally never I could create successful Unsubscribe label, which makes me think about problems of configuration within my account. The official website does not mention restrictions on browsers, and indeed indicates that it also works on mobile clients from third parties, such as Outlook and Apple Mail. be sure to try it.

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