How to turn off the voice mail of your company

 turn off voice mail on the iPhone

voice mail is often a tool for those who make phone calls something indispensable in their working lives and profesonal. However, it is also a nuisance for those who don’t want to have these messages stored, even for those who make calls and do not have call flat rates, which causes unnecessary spending since they cannot give you the actual use money that is costing them calls. So today we are going to bring a small tutorial in which you will learn how to disable voicemail from your iPhone in major telephone companies that we find in Spain.

Te leave the index so you can go directly to the company that provides you the service of mobile phone, an easy way to know what your company is to look at what is the name that appears next to the logo of the coverage on your iPhone. Ultimately, each company has its methods and its fares to enable or disable voice mail. Let’s see how to remove the mailbox the main telephone companies of Spain.

how disable the voicemail of Movistar

Movistar offers a free voicemail included in the series of their mobile phone service rates. This service collects the messages that you leave when you can’t (or don’t want to) answer a call; Alerts you of calls that have not failed message and you can configure it to jump where you want: turn off, unreachable, communicates, rejects the call or does not answer.

first of all let’s talk about deactivation method mailbox voice of MoviStar so we are going to perform the configuration in our my Movistar service, both in the mobile application and the web version, or are going to make a call to the number 22537. once we have made the call, we have five options

  • by pressing 1: deactivate voice mail when we reject a call
  • by pressing 2: disable voicemail when phone is communicating

  • by pressing 3: turn off voicemail when we can not respond to any call

  • by pressing 4: disable voicemail when phone is off or out of coverage

  • by pressing 5 : Disable all functions of voicemail of Movistar.

as it could not be otherwise, just disable it, you can re-enable the voicemail of Movistar, so are going to make a call to the 22500 and choosing the appropriate command or by calling the following numbers that also put at our disposal:

  • calling the 22501 to jump when your phone is off or out of coverage.
  • calling the 22502 to jump when you can not answer a call.
  • calling the 22503 to jump when you’re communicating or reject a call.
  • calling the 22504 to jump whenever you receive a call on your mobile Movistar.

how disable voicemail from Vodafone

Vodafone is another of the major phone companies in Spain. As it could not be otherwise, the My Vodafone application also gives us the option to disable and enable such services. However, we also want to thread other perhaps more simple or quick methods. If we want to disable it from My Vodafone we have to enter in the web version choose “contract products”, go to “options and settings” and “voice mail” option will be available.

If you want to perform the same action from the application of MiVodafone we will have to choose in the left panel the section “settings and extras”, and in the drop-down menu will find function “answering” what exactly is it that interests us, where to find the switches necessary to carry out the configuration actions.

but what interests us now is also disable or activate the answering machine of Vodafone from our mobile phone including only a combination of keys:

  • turn answering machine : * 147 # and call button
  • turn off the answering machine : #147 # and call

key as it could not be otherwise , Vodafone also has a number of specific settings for voicemail that activate with the following combination of keys :

  • listen to voice mail messages: call the 22177 from our mobile phone
  • turn it when we are with the phone off or out of coverage: * 62 * 600132000 * 11 #
  • turn it when we do not answer a call : * 61 * 600132000 * 5 * 11 #
  • turn it when we communicate or are busy: * 67 * 600132000 * 11 #.
  • so that all calls directly to the answering machine: * 21 * 600132000 * 11 #
  • to disable all these settings quickly: ##002 #

how disable the voicemail of Orange

continue to bingo with Orange, one of the three big phone companies in the country. In this case, with Orange voicemail is enabled by default, as in almost all other telephone companies, and is a totally free service. Orange boys do not want to complicate the matter too, so you make it clear that you can deactivate it quickly by pressing ##002 # and the call key, and say goodbye to this mailbox.

If you like to configure voice mail you will have to call the number 242 where will ask you your voicemail language, as well as the recording of a personalized greeting, if you so wish. Once inside, you can change the language of the Setup menu and the password by pressing number 3 on your mobile phone. Remember that if you’re a first-time user, you will receive the key to your voicemail by SMS.

Orange voice mail allows you to receive messages, as well as receive an SMS to your phone number when a new voice message had been left on it.  If your mobile line is switched off, out of range or and not leave you message, you will also receive a message alerting you of the call. Obviously, you can also configure all this kinds of sections from the application my Orange. But these are the codes of service management of voicemail and answering of Orange, which you must enter as a call and press the call button :

  • activate voicemail if I do not answer the call: * 61 * 242 * 5 #
  • activate the mailbox voice if I have the phone off or out of coverage : * 62 * 242 #
  • activate voicemail if I’m busy: * 67 * 242 #
  • activate voicemail for all calls entering: * 21 * 242 #
  • turn off all these functions: ##002 #

to disable it from the application of my Orange please go to “my line” in the start menu, and choose in “configure my line” if enable or disable switch.

turn off voicemail from Telstra

we continue to bingo with Telstra, the company “more chachi” of Spain, or at least so they say. Either they will put many obstacles, but as in others, we have the service of voicemail enabled natively. We will have to follow the instructions to remove the voicemail of Yoigo:

* 67 * 556 # and call button, then * 62 * 556 # and call button, and then * 61 * 556 # and call key.

to the answering machine automatically remove notice of missed calls will be activated and although quites the answering machine, messages that you had saved not going them to lose. Whenever you want you can continue calling the answering machine to listen to them.  If what we want is to reactivate the answering machine or voice mail: mark on your mobile: * 67 * 633 # and call button, then * 62 * 633 # and call button, then * 61 * 633 # and call key.

Telstra allows us to “extend the tones until you skip answering machine” for this mark on your mobile * 61 * 633 * 30 # and then the call key. After dialing this code, the answering machine will only jump after 30 seconds. And how it could be otherwise, can hear messages of our answering machine easily, so we will call the number 633.

  • return to listen to it: press 1.
  • delete it: press 2.
  • save it: press 3.
  • return call: press 4.
  • hear the previous message: press 7.
  • stop: press 8.
  • hear the following message: press 9.

Desactivar Másmovil voice mail

Te finally leave the configuration required for the voice mailbox of Másmovil, one of the telephone companies that are growing in Spain. If you want to disable it or customize the features of voicemail, simply dial the 242 on your mobile.  To override the diversion to your voice mailbox, you must dial the following combination on your mobile: #002 # and call button, or #004 # and call button. these are keys that you will have to make once you called to 242 phone if you want to configure the voice mail:

  • click 0: to access help.
  • click 1: listen to the messages.
  • press 2: activate the voicemail.

  • click 3: disable voice mail.

  • click 4: Customize the voicemail

turn off voice mail from other companies phone

must enter the following key combination and press the call button

  • Jazztel : ##002 # Lowi
  • : ##002 # (activate it in the * 147 #) Tuenti

  • : ##002 # Pepephone

  • : ##002 #

and this is all guys, I hope you have served you support this combination of services that we offer through voice mail and that can thus easily configure it. If you know more tricks of the answering machine or voice mail please leave it reflected in comments case, because in actuality iPhone are to help you with everything that surrounds your mobile phone and much more.

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