How to teach your iPhone or iPad to recognize the faces of your friends

the Cupertino company has worked hard to improve the photo app in recent months, in fact, has been quite involved in general in all the field corresponding to the edition of video/image. A novelty that came with iOS 10 was the identification of faces within the system, thus allowing us to easily organize your photos, or at least find the people who appear in them more easily. However this is one of the many features of iOS who are unaware of a large number of users, so want to teach you from today iPhone to teach to your iPhone or iPad how to categorize photos based on who appears in them.

this functionality is unique to the photos application is pretty simple to use, so today we want to show you the basic steps to configure its features and get to get all the juice that deserves a feature, since it will allow you to share and catalogued in the best possible way your moments with others.

set up photos so it recognizes the faces

to do this, the first thing we are going to do is open the application photos of iOS, once inside, to see how on the right next to the “spool” folder, have one called “People”. this is going to be the epicenter of the configuration, the key section of this history of facial recognition.

once inside, observe the function “ Add “, where you will find stored all the faces that the system has detected within the photographs, now is the time to select one of them. Now we are going to choose the first one that interests us, and portraiture opens. At the top we will choose “+ add name” and provide you the possibility to choose someone from the agenda or put ourselves a name. We have already taken the first step in the Organization of our facial recognition system.

how to merge several people who are not recognized by the system?

on some other occasion, the system will not be too accurate with the recognition of faces, in this case we will have to return to the point of “people ” within the photos application. We are going to look inside “ Add ” how many photos we have of the same person, and once again you add the same name, it will ask us if we want to merge the content.

merging the content got that facial recognition system is more accurate and you have more data on the face of the same person, which will provide you with the task of recognition in future photos, so it is advisable to take a good time choosing photographs that the system is not able to identify itself.

how to add photographs of one more easily?

for this, once we add the first picture and label it with the name of a person, Apple has enabled doing scroll until the bottom a function called confirm more photos ‘, with this option opens us a quick, guided system that simply iOS will seek us matches and we will have to mark as ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the case that matches the person with the recognized by the system.

this is the way I recommend to encompass people as possible in the shortest time invested, is certainly a great option to avoid having to go entering them manually.

how to add favorites to the “People” section?

tea you’ve quickly fixed that at the top of the “People” section we have a series of photographs that show a slightly higher size. There you can add a series of users that we consider Favorites to access faster still photographs in which they appear.

for this, once added the corresponding users to the facial recognition, let’s click on “ select ” in the upper right-hand corner and we are going to select the face of the person you want to become a favorite. Once selected, on the bottom central see the option “ followers “, click on the button and this user moves to the top, which will become in “ favourite ” and can access it a little faster.

take advantage of how people function and create memories?

memories is a system of creating automatic videos Apple implemented also in the photo app and which can get much more party people (facial recognition) of iOS functionality. And is that when you click on a person, will open us a collage with pictures that the system has detected but in the header will show us a preview of what would be the memory that iOS has created for us with that content, and that we can edit our taste by simply pressing it.

and this is all for now If you know more fantastic ideas that exploit the facial recognition feature included in iOS with the arrival of iOS 10 do not hesitate to leave it in the comments box and share your ideas.

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