How to save battery power with the Apple Watch

the battery continues to be the main weak point of Apple Watch, and in general of the smartwatches. While new generations have managed to improve enough autonomy of Apple clock still is a point in which there is much room for improvement. The original Apple Watch resist just one day of use, having to charge it every night if we want to hold the next day. Apple Watch be 1 and series 2 behaves quite better, holding at least two days and in some cases even up to three. But following a few simple tricks can get this battery’s performance improve and get some hours of autonomy . We have them we then.

adjusts the brightness to the minimum

over everything if you have a Series 2 Apple Watch whose screen is brighter than the original model you may be a good idea to minimize the brightness of the Apple Watch. Default setting is set to the middle of the bar, and although there are few levels of adjustment, reduce it always help the battery wear less, since the screen is an important part in the consumption of battery . From the application your iPhone clock access the menu General > brightness and size of text and adjusts the brightness to the minimum.

deactivates the detector of doll

the Apple Watch active screen to detect that you’ve done the typical gesture of rotating the wrist to see the time, which makes the screen illuminates the entire. But many times, almost more than that query time, the display is activated by mistake to lead, to take some object, etc. disable this gesture within General > activate screen may be enough savings. within that menu are also setting how much hard on screen by touching it, with the option of 15 seconds as the most appropriate to save battery power.

turn off heart rate sensor during training

when we started training from Apple Watch frequency sensor cardiac monitors so constant our pulse to give us information required on the heart rate during the whole training. If not necessary then you can disable it within General by activating the option “Save battery power to the train” although it must be clear that the calculation of calories can be altered.

choose a sphere minimalist

Apple Watch screen is AMOLED type, unlike the iPhone which is LCD. This means that what is black on the screen of the Apple Watch is not illuminated and therefore not spent battery. If we take this into account, most minimalist areas consume much less battery that are full of colorful elements. Choose the most suitable watchface to your Apple Watch bearing in mind how it will impact on the consumption of battery.

configures only notices important

received dozens of notifications at the end of the day, and actually we are interested only a few. These notifications made to the Apple Watch sound, which consumes the battery, and also causes in the majority of cases that we look at our watch to see what we have received, which makes the screen turns increasing consumption. Leave only enabled notifications that really interest us receive is highly recommended for our productivity and peace of mind an important point to save battery power. Avoid setting “Duplicate listings of the iPhone” and manually configure notifications.

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