How to save battery power on your iPhone with these simple steps

iOS has the reputation of being an optimized operating system. It uses less resources that competition and that allows you to save battery power. However, for high-saving, good optimization that makes Apple on their devices, the battery issue is a problem with the phones of new generation .

for this reason, want to try to help you with an article where we’ll show you the way in which you can save something of autonomy by sacrificing some features of your iPhone. If you have battery problems, notes that some version of iOS consumes more battery or simply think that there may be an error within the system causing excessive consumption, perhaps we can help you.

save battery life on the iPhone

surely much of the tricks that let you present in this article already you sound, or simply you are already applying them. However, it is important to review them so that those who do not know, can also make use of these tricks for your iPhone.

  • deactivates different localization services

is what probably more resources consumed (not only an iPhone) phone, localization services make use of the GPS of our device and this affects significantly the autonomy of iOS devices. Disables this option or simply disable those applications that you use just make use of the GPS .

 settings location to save battery location settings to save battery

to disable these options, go to ->-> location privacy settings . Not only the autonomy of your phone will thank you, maybe also your own privacy.

  • use of brightness manual

there is much controversy on this point. Some people consider that automatic brightness makes the screen adjust brightness the amount of brightness saving battery when necessary. However, that last is completely false. If you’re responsible for adjusting it manually instead of using the automatic mode, our battery will hold more at the end of the day. “

 adjust the brightness in iOS adjust the brightness in iOS

the screens are one of the points where more battery fades into a terminal by the brightness of this affecting the autonomy of the terminal. To adjust the brightness automatically, go to-> display and brightness settings.

notifications are intended to give us information about the different apps that we have in our iPhone. However, many more notifications you receive, more times you burn your iPhone screen, while more screen use less autonomy you have. It seems obvious, but limiting the use of notifications we managed to maintain a more efficient battery consumption.

 notice in iOS

notifications do not need to have activated all notifications of the iPhone, simply adjust these to the most important apps for our daily use. You only have to go to settings-> notifications .

  • beware of automatic downloads and updates in the background

many iPhone users do not know that your device can update (and lower) applications or their own operating system on our backs. The proof of this that I say are the automatic downloads, this option allows you to install and update applications in background (behind our backs).

if it is true that in the case of updates iPhone, the system looks for the best time to perform these updates.

 App Store on an iPhone browsing the App Store on an iPhone

in the case of get off apps don’t. So it is best to disable this option if it is not absolutely essential. You only have to go to tweaks-> iTunes & App Store .

not all iPhone applications must be updated, the best will always be limiting it in settings-> General-> updates in the background .

already have said it earlier, the notifications on the screen and the brightness affect the battery. In general, the operation of this component can be decisive. So there are two points that address on the subject of the screen. One is the same lock time. I think that everyone knows this function that looks for that the screen is not long on. So tighten the blocking time may be essential. To do this you should go to settings screen-> and shine-> auto lock .

 iPhone with iOS 10. Various screens. iPhone with iOS 10

another interesting point on the theme of the display is the function of ‘stand to revive’ introduced by Apple in iOS 10. This function allows you to turn on the iPhone screen when we lifted the device, for example a table. This makes consume system resources and that the battery will be in the activation of these sensors and the screen itself. To set this feature to your liking, go-> screen settings and brightness-> lift to reactivate. Note that this function is not available for all iPhone (from the 6s on iPhone).

  • in extreme situations that extreme measures

If despite all the above, still suffering from the battery there are some things that you can try.

an important point can be the Wi-Fi Wizard for calls.  This option is great when you don’t have good coverage and you want to make calls through a Wi-Fi network. While it is true that not all operators support this function, you can activate it in settings-> phone-> Wi-Fi calls . I insist it’s best to consult with your mobile provider if you have this option or not.

If you follow in areas with poor coverage or simply need the iPhone to consume few resources, the use of the mode aircraft may be the solution. If your device fails a good connection, this affects the battery so the best remedy can be activate airplane mode to endure a little more with your battery. Tea in consideration that the airplane mode allows you to activate the Wi-Fi in the event that you have a wireless network of these.

 mode of low consumption iOS 10

mode if you want your iPhone to save battery without having to activate the plane, you can always activate battery-save mode.  This function applies some of the tips that we have seen before, for example turns off the automatic downloads or updates in the background. However, Apple remains some tricks within this mode, in order to lengthen the maximum your battery. You can activate it from settings-> battery-> battery saver mode or simply asking Siri to ‘activate the low power mode”.

another factor to take into account may be use of peripheral devices such as the Apple Watch or the AirPods . In the first case, thanks to the clock you can view notifications, answer calls, see emails, check calendars, tasks that allow you to save battery life on the iPhone instead of using the “watch” battery. There are many tasks that can be made directly from the Apple Watch and consequently avoid activating the screen of the iPhone for basic and simple tasks.

 Apple Watch and the AirPods in foreground Apple Watch along with the AirPods

the case of the AirPods is very striking, according to Apple wireless headphones spend less battery power of our iPhone as the headset cable (either the Lightning or the cable with jack plug). This is because the AirPods to make use of its own battery, unlike the headphone cable that make use of the iPhone battery to operate.

Finally, Apple always recommends have our devices in the latest version of the operating system . This means our iPhone, have updated since the latest versions of iOS seek to optimize and correct faults in the system that can compromise safety and our device battery. If you have a software update do not hesitate and already updated.

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