How to return an application purchased on the App Store

would ever you bought an application on the App Store and then realized that was not what you wanted? Since there is a form of return it similar to change shoes if you are useless. Today, we’ll teach you to return your purchases from the Apple store…

in the App Store, iTunes Store and iBook Store returns are possible

is becoming less common, but still having payment applications in the Apple App Store app store . Sometimes shopping applications and after testing it, we realize that the application does not really what we wanted. Alternatively, it was purchased by mistake, either by ourselves or by an outsider, like for example, a child. And is exactly the same with movies and songs from iTunes Store or with the iBook Store books .

what we can do in those cases? many times what people do is assume that the money has been lost, but there is a better solution.

years, Apple allows the return of any product purchased at their stores, because it is the App Store, iTunes Store or the iBook Store. That Yes, there are a number of restrictions, the most important being the time limit. In this way, we do not return the product purchased if it has already been over 14 days from your purchase . “

 the iTunes Store, iBook Store, and the App Store. iTunes Store, iBook Store and App Store.

How to return purchases made in the content of Apple stores

as in a physical store, for power return need to meet the requirements of the store. In this case, meet the limit of 14 days after the purchase. If we keep this we will return the product purchased.

to do this, we visit the website draw an Apple problem . There we start session with our account, so access to the list of customers who purchased less than 90 days ago.

 page page”Point out a problem”of Apple, in which we will see the products purchased less than 90 days ago.

Once we have located the product you want to return can give the button “Point out” which appears on its edge. In the selection menu that appears below mark the option “I want to return this product” or a similar option .

when we have done this money will be return in 7 working days . And to where? The money’s return to payment method with which we buy the application. I.e., that if we pay our credit card (which is the most common choice), the money will be returned to our card within a period of 7 working days. “

 can return a purchase from the App Store, iTunes Store and iBook Store if they have not last more than 14 days. can return a purchase from the App Store, iTunes Store and iBook Store if it has not been more than 14 days.

This is possible, but we must not abuse this

Lastly, I want to mention something important. And it is that this option is there for incorrect purchases, or returns for non-conformity with the product or making.

should not use it to buy an application that we want to, use it for 14 days and return it. Although this practice can operate, the service is not raised to do that, and therefore, if Apple note irregularities in your account may make it impossible to return purchases in the future. In addition to the moral consequences and all that… Conclusion

as we can see, is very simple return our purchases of the App Store, iTunes Store or iBook Store, but that is why we must not abuse.

do you what do you think? you gave back any time any product/content bought at Apple stores? Do you like the existence of this functionality?

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