How to restore the iPhone and iPad to iOS 10.2 without losing the Jailbreak

available SemiRestore – Lite to restore iOS 10.2 without losing the Jailbreak

If you’re a user you have a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10.2 and the Jailbreak and possibly have some problems, you will encounter a somewhat uncomfortable position since you’ll pose you need to restore the device or not.

The fact of having to restore a device with Jailbreak means that the user can lose Cydia and installed tweaks, with the likelihood that problems are not resolved. Fortunately, today is possible restore to iOS 10.2 without losing the Jailbreak .

Restore without losing the Jailbreak is possible with SemiRestore

on other occasions already you have been able to talk about the tool SemiRestore, a program which “revolutionized” by the fact that it is the only one who is able to afford restore jailbroken iOS devices without losing Cydia or any of the related content.

Recently the developers of this tool updated Semi-Restore, making it available also for iOS 10.2, enabling do a cleaning of the device with Jailbreak without having to use iTunes .

Since then once used this method to restore the device, will have as a final result an iPhone or iPad restored, with all settings from factory but keeping Cydia, however you will lose applications, content, and tweaks that have the devices.

CoolStar launches SemiRestore-Lite for iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.2

to iOS 10.2 has been created a tool which its developers, CoolStar, have called it “SemiRestore-Lite “.

This version will be available as is expected the arrival of the final version that will support all versions of iOS from the 9.3.3 the 10.2.

To restore an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.2 without losing the Jailbreak, it is necessary to have SemiRestore-Lite you can download from here .

Once you have downloaded this software we recommend that you review our guide to restore iPhone without losing Jailbreak .

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