How to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad with QuickTime

for the reason that is, there are times that we want to be able to recording the screen of our iPhone or iPad . But what can we do? What tools we have to record the screen of our iPhone? Well enough, but today we’ll talk about the two most popular, Reflector and the own QuickTime.

recording the screen of the iPhone with QuickTime

Let’s start with the most popular choice, and for my best. In addition, if you have a Mac is the easiest option, because we will use QuickTime Player an application that comes preinstalled with macOS.

with QuickTime? Yes, this application that has an icon of “Q” that allows us to play videos also allows you to do many more things. Among them, it allows us to make small editions in videos (such as trim, split, rotate, or flip a video clip), but also allows us to to record the audio record screen, videos from the webcam or make a recording from an external device. And the latter is the choice that interests us.

 QuickTime QuickTime Player is the multimedia player that I like, although the compatibility of VLC is Miss for example.

Step by step guide to record an iOS device screen with QuickTime Player on macOS

the first step is the most simple, and basically consists of connect the iPhone directly to the Mac by the iOS device charging port. Once this is detected will be able to proceed to the next step.

a continuation will have to open the QuickTime application which is where we’ll make everything. You can find this application by default under the folder “Others” in the Launchpad, or in your applications folder. And if I don’t have it? Not to worry, that should not happen. QuickTime is an application that comes by default on macOS and it is not possible to eliminate it. If you can’t find it you can use Siri or Spotlight to find it.

once we open the application we will go to the “File” section in the top menu. There select “new video recording” . “

 go to the top menu of the QuickTime and select go to the top menu of the QuickTime and select “New video recording”.

It is likely that once you have done this you exit a window with content that is receiving the webcam. For change the source of the recording enough with the at the bottom, where it is the menu recording, and in the menu select the video input source to be the iPhone. “

 how recording the screen of your iPhone or iPad select our iOS device in the list of devices of input (“Chamber”).

and ready! now already just need to hit the red button to start recording.

reflector, an alternative compatible with Android and Windows

Reflector is a generic application that allows you to replicate your device screen iOS, Android or Chrome OS on your computer, either Windows or macOS . Therefore, this is the option if you are user of Android or Windows, as the previous technique works only with the combination of iOS and macOS.

in addition, this application not only allows you to replicate the screen, but it can also make server AirPlay . In addition, it has an additional feature, and is putting part of the device around. Although it has a big disadvantage and that does not record so it will be necessary to supplement it with other application such as QuickTime, ScreenFlow or Camtasia.

in addition, his other biggest disadvantage is that it is a payment application, although it is a trial version. Conclusion

I personally use QuickTime for the recording of my iPhone or iPad, because I don’t see sense to pay an application for something that can be done just as well without paying anything. Although, obviously it is a choice, and that is why what we have mentioned it. Do you what do you think?

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