How to record screen in GIF

in this article we will teach you to record screen in animated GIF format . Although there is no direct method, we will make an adjustment using two platforms, so you can make it easily and with a high quality GIF. In this way you will have a technique with which you can edit and customize the recording to the maximum.

environments we use with EOAR and Gooncam the first allows you to open the CMD in the operating system screen and from the window you can open the second platform to record any region of the screen.

The first thing you have to do is download EOAR and then Gooncam. Now install EOAR on your computer (run as administrator) and click on the button “Install”. Gooncam is a portable utility that doesn’t require installation, but if you have to unzip the folder on any drive of your computer. “

 very easy to install very easy to install

at this point already have everything installed and ready to begin recording the screen of session of the operating system of your computer . When you start the computer will notice that EOAR. The environment gives you seven options on the home screen, as open CMD, open the PowerShell window, open the registry editor, or open a dialog box. “

 seven options seven options

we select “Command Prompt “, now opens a window of symbol systems. And here you have to put the path to the folder extracted from Gooncam, in our case.


will notice and the Gooncam interface, will be shown you will only have to click on the recording button determine the picture of recording in the part where you enter password for login then you can start recording with keyboard access command (also use it to stop recording). “

 click on recording click on recording

to close the recording box, will be shown a configuration window, from which you will have to click on the button convert so begins the process of conversion to animated GIF format. To save specific file the place where the gurdas and exported successfully.
How can observe recording of the screen started your computer login is really simple. You may only use the EOAR and Gooncam, platforms for action in a few steps. “

 the recording is done in a simple way the recording is done in a way simple

then read the article surely will come to head the question what is burn log? and one of the answers would be to put the password, click on show hidden characters is complete and you will have access in video format to the password of your computer or other equipment. But if you can find other utilities to the screen recording, please we are happy to share it with us.

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