How to open a Safari or WhatsApp video directly on YouTube

one of the novelties presented the latest YouTube update was precisely that we could now get open quickly videos in its application were in the implementation that we were, even navigating through Safari. IOS has been offering this possibility for a long time, however, Google has trouble enough to adapt to the novelties of the operating systems by Apple for some reason unknown. However, there are users who still have not managed to get this to work quickly, so today want to show you how to open a Safari or WhatsApp video directly on YouTube with which we can take advantage of all its possibilities.

so therefore we will first tell you the benefits of open videos directly in the application, this can take advantage of all the features of our YouTube account, starting with the history and with the fact that you can read and participate in the comments, as well as “like”. So, go, in the screenshot you can see quickly in which exact site you must click if you want to open the video on YouTube:

  • to open the video on YouTube while in Safari what to do is just click the title, which as you know some users, is a rich link

  • to open the video from a Messenger like WhatsApp application , that include links to additional content, we must click on the YouTube link, not about the video itself.

  • to return to Safari and be able to see the video from there, click on the shortcut will appear at the top of the screen that we will return to the browser and play the video there.

this is the way to easier and faster to open links from YouTube directly in the dedicated application, that will allow us even to save data if we lower the quality of the same. We remind you that TodoApple is the current iPhone YouTube channel and we got content regularly. If you have more and better tips, feel free to leave them in the comments box.

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