How to manage your eBooks with Calibre Mac

you have a device to read eBooks? Do you not know how manage the books you have or change its format for your particular device? Today you are going to present caliber, Manager of perfect ebooks for your Mac

are you an eBook or e-book?

a regret that it appears to be that a few days ago I commented that sale of eBooks has fallen some have an e-ink device and want to be able to manage it properly.  As well, regardless where you purchase your books in electronic format and that brand is your device can manage it easily with a manager called caliber .

 caliber Calibre for Mac

what can I do with caliber?

is the easiest way to organize your ebooks . A very practical electronic reading device by size and weight and the great library that can hold, but its capacity in terms of touch technology is far from where it can be found in any single smartphone. It is for this reason that sometimes complicates the interact and organize our titles in our e-ink device. With caliber we can sort our titles by alphabetical order, date in which we add it, date of publication, size, score… so we can be easier to see what we have in our electronic library.

 size and Mac gauge on the Mac

can add or modify the metadata of the eBooks or even add information if you do not have them. Calibre lets you add tags and comments, insert small descriptions to locate them more easily. can also add downloaded information from the internet from the title, author or ISBN code. Remember, much in the manner that has iTunes track cover the added songs.

 formats caliber formats supported by caliber

we can convert our documents format. Caliber is capable of supporting both input and output files and we can change its format depending on device use to read our eBooks. Each device uses a different format, e.g. Kindle format that better supports is .mobi and other devices work best with .epub, so we can change formats to our liking with a simple click.

synchronizes your eBooks with your device

caliber allows us to organize our files, change their format, but also synchronize with our eBook. as it accepts various formats is compatible with a multitude of devices, so you can synchronize all the books that we have with our e-reader. In addition, one of the main advantages of caliber is that if an eBook supports different formats, the program will select best suited for the device in particular .

if we add new titles to gauge and connect our e-reader to our Mac application will detect which titles are not yet on the device, enabling us to synchronise these titles with our device. in addition, even if the application detects various formats and choose us the most suitable, we can filter by types of format facilitating the task and being sure that in our device has the format that we like and works best.

 caliber home home of caliber

Compatible with all operating systems

caliber not only supports variety of file formats, but it is compatible with all operating systems, so if you’re not a Mac user, you’re in luck. This application is available for macOS, Linux, and Windows. In addition, it is a totally free application although the author accepts donations. On its official website you can download this Manager eBooks and also see a detailed video of how it works

and you have ever used Calibre? Do you think a good manager of e-books? Do you know other types of applications to be able to manage these devices and files? Leave us your opinion and comments.

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