“How to install Windows on your Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels

 Windows on Mac OS X

one of the questions that people do when you buy a Mac for the first time is: How do I run Windows applications? The simplest solution is to make use of a virtual machine . However, that option is not the best, because in most cases the best choice is to use Wine provided that is compatible with this option in particular. But today we will talk about the “easy” option…

installing 10 Windows in Parallels

Parallels Desktop for Mac is the most popular virtual machines Manager for macOS, along with VMware Fussion which increasingly is also popular.

and what allows us to make Parallels? This tool allows us to create virtual machines of any kind. But the most interesting are their options, since it includes the options requested by professionals, but also bring assistants for those new people in the field.

create virtual machines with Android, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian or CentOS is to everyone . As the own Parallels is which creates and configures the virtual machine, and download and install the operating system on it.

Windows is something else we have to do, because we have already here to download ourselves operating system, it is paid. Even so, Parallels is also responsible for the creation and configuration of the virtual machine. As well as of the whole process of installation making the Windows installation it is fast and painless.

some clarifications prior to consider…

If you want to have a 100% functional Windows in macOS a virtual machine can be a good choice. Although, there are several things to keep in mind before.

the first is that the performance will not be as good as the install it natively with BootCamp . The second is that the virtual machine’s departure will occupy about 20GB which depending on what programs you install may grow. In addition, to create virtual machines he is recommended to have at least 4 GB of RAM and a processor dual core although I highly recommend having 8 GB of RAM.

that being said, let’s start…

step by step guide to install 10 Windows in a virtual machine with Parallels

the first step is download the installation file (ISO) from Windows 10 from the official website. This we will not explain, because it depends on each case.

the second step will be open Parallels for (or install it if you don’t have it yet). Nothing more open will leave us the list of virtual machines we have.

 virtual machines in Parallels Desktop for Mac

we must give to the” + “ to add a new. If you do not have any virtual machine yet there is no problem, as Wizard will get directly. “

 create a virtual machines in Parallels

once here we will give you to where it says “install Windows or other” OS through a DVD or image file . Comment on the bar below we have operating systems that Parallels also is able to automatically download.

a continuation we will ask for the image file. In this screen will leave us ISO images find. If not leave the Windows, we drag the window Installer Windows downloaded (in ISO format). Windows disk image  

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A continuation will make us two important questions. The first is if we want to make a express installation. If we check that option, which is recommended, is Parallels which is responsible for the entire installation.

in addition, we also ask for Windows activation key . In the majority of cases, we will want to leave this option checked and enter the activation code on the bottom. Even so, in some cases, it is possible that you don’t have to put activation key, as for example in beta or test versions.

I personally in this step left marked both options and put the my activation code (which you can get on the official website of Microsoft).

 installation of Windows 10 simplified thanks to Parallels

to then ask us by Parallels mode . This is something of this application, and your purpose is optimize the virtual machine for the use that we will give you. In my case I selected “Software Development”, because I’m going to use to install Visual Studio, but you will have to select the profile that best fits with the use you are you going to give most of the time.

 configuration modes Parallels

Finally, we will have to give virtual machine name. In my case I’m going to call him “10 Windows”, but here you can put the name that you believe that you easier to identify later. In addition, you can also select location, although I personally left it in the location by default.

in addition, also can check the ‘customize the configuration prior to installation’ . In that case, to give “next” you will leave a window so that you configuréis the database parameters (core, RAM memory, video memory, network card,…). In my case, am not going to mark this option, because I will leave Parallels to select the optimal settings for my. If not know of virtual machines is recommended to leave it unchecked as you can see below.

 creating a virtual machine for Windows 10

once done this Parallels will start to do its magic. will begin automatically installing Windows 10 without that we have to touch anything else. “

 install Windows on Mac

once installed Windows 10, also without us touch anything begin to configure the new operating system based on the adjustments that we have macOS or Mac OS X.

 configuration of Windows 10 on the virtual machine in macOS

once complete this process will appear our desktop . And as you see, we have not needed to touch anything that Windows is installed and configured. Simple, right?

 Windows 10 on Mac OS X

the integration of Windows in macOS thanks to Parallels Parallels

is a application of payment . Therefore, we can expect several interesting features in it.

one of its greatest strengths is the optimization that has on the Mac, as well as the integration offering with macOS. Thus, for example, from Windows we can see files of our Mac and vice versa. In addition, the Clipboard is shared, and allowed click and drag between the virtual operating system and the guest.

but without a doubt, the most interesting feature is Coherence . This the fourth blue button that appears in the top bar of the virtual machine window is active. What does this is to make the Windows desktop to merge with the macOS. In this way, the Windows application will be like macOS applications. Conclusion

perhaps the most downside of Parallels is its price, because it is an expensive application. Therefore, in brief launch article explaining how to install Windows in macOS with VirtualBox a similar but free application (and free software), but with fewer amenities.

what do you think? need to use Windows applications on your Mac? Which method do you use? Do you prefer to use BootCamp, virtual machine, or Wine?

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