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YouTube can find all kinds of videos like movies, series, tutorials, music videos, etc where some have subtitles embedded, forming part of the same video, while others have subtitles are separate from it.»

embedded subtitles can not be downloaded directly, but you can use a service online, how to download the subtitles that are not embedded.

download not embedded subtitles of a video on YouTube with web services is really very simple

  1. copy the url of the YouTube video link,
  2. in
  3. paste the URL into the appropriate field.
  4. click Download and select the language that you want to download subtitles
  5. choose the folder where you want to store the SRT file and click save .

srt files are text files that contain captions associated with a video. They use the format subrip, which stores this information:

  • time interval that appears
  • the subtitle

text to dealing with text files must take into account its codification, which, in many cases, the player doesn’t choose the right. By selecting which conforms to our language problems with accents and symbols can be avoided.

• 00: 01:02, 383 – > 00:01:05, 133
• “Fields of opium, Tibet” •
• 00: 02:21, 960 – > 00:02:25, 735
• you and your brothers have killed 3 of our men.
• 3
• 00: 02:25, 800 – > 00:02:27, 327

is obvious that to be text files we can manipulate them eliminating such figures and then gathering the texts, but entails much work time which in fact as we see we can automate

A continuation we will see three tools to manage these files in a way more simple :

use an app to convert an .srt file into clean text

Subtitle Edit is one of the best options as it is true for all files and respects the numbers.

the steps for its use are very simple

  • download Subtitle Edit
  • open file. srt.
  • click on the tab ‘ Source view’,
  • go to the drop-down ‘Format’ choose ‘Scenarist’ (.txt).

  • and ordered separate columns for the times and texts. Now to give ‘File > Save as…’ to save the file. txt.

  • open the file .txt,
  • copy the content and paste it in Excel. As you can see you will have multiple columns, eliminates the first (relating to the times) to meet only with the content.

  • copy contents and pegelo in a browser search bar is to push the text run. Back copy and paste it into a document to check it’s OK.

turn a .srt file into clean text directly with Excel

this method works when there is only one line of dialogue separately.

can open the .srt with Notepad, copy the contents and paste it into Excel eliminating rows of numerical information to select all and paste it into a document, although it is easier if you download Asap Utilities .

select the cells, click on this plugin when installing it and dale to ‘ columns and rows > conditional row and column select…’.

in ‘4. Search options ‘ select ‘pair rows’ and hit ‘OK’ to delete rows of the times.

the Excel will remain as the one shown here. Now select ‘odd rows’ to remove the numbers.

when do you, dele to ‘Close’. You will now have only text but with many line breaks. Copy and paste them in a browser search bar so get followed.

copy it again and paste it into a document to check it’s OK.

turn a .srt file into clean text with Word

this method has the disadvantage that the numbers will be erased, but voucher for any. srt.

open the file with Word (or if it does not work with Notepad and copy the text) and leave the pointer at the beginning of the text.

go to ‘ start > replace ‘ (or press ‘Ctrl + f’) and in the magnifying glass chooses ‘Replace’.

type the number 0 in the field ‘Search’ leave empty the ‘Replace’ field and press ‘Replace all’. Then the number 1 and so to 9. This will remove all numbers.

copy the symbols that are (por ejemplo::, –>::,) en ‘Buscar’deje vacío el campo ‘Reemplazar’ y presione ‘Remplazar todos’.) With this we have only letters.

type ^ p ‘Search’ leave a blank space on the ‘Replace’ field and press ‘Replace all’. So replace us line breaks and text will be run.

if left blank spaces, replace them by copying it to ‘Search’ and leaving only a gap in ‘Replace’.

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