How to divide the iOS 10 keyboard on your iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro

type with two hands for long periods of time while you subject the iPad can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially in the use of the iPad Pro .

Fortunately, IOS 10 Apple offers us an interesting functionality that allows users divide the keyboard into two parts to reach the keys more easily.


a then you have how to divide iOS 10 keyboard on any model of the tablet from Cupertino company: iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

how dividing the keyboard in iPad Mini and iPad Air


to split the keyboard of iOS 10 two equally on each side of the screen you must follow these simple steps:

1. open any application that requires the use of the keyboard in your iPad.

2. click on a text field to display the keyboard.

3. hold down on the button shaped keyboard in the bottom right corner.

4. without take off your finger from the screen, slide it towards the option “divide”.

5. in addition you can also select the option “Drop” to make the keyboard is positioned in the central part of the screen. In this way, you can also keep your finger pressed on the keyboard icon button to drag the keyboard to the place you want.


this feature can be used with the iPad in horizontal position (Landscape mode) both vertically (Portrait mode).

how divide iOS 10 keyboard on the iPad Pro

to divide the keyboard into the iPad Pro you will need to change your iPad to the Zoom mode. It is very easy, just have to follow these steps:

1. access adjustments.

2. click on display and brightness.

3. click on display.

4. activates the zoom.

5. then, after the reboot, the icons on the screen of your iPad Pro Giants will be, and it is now when to activate the keyboard will be shown automatically divided into two parts.

is possible to the keyboard divided IOS 10 is not the best thing to write, and may not feel comfortable using it. But over time you get used. Although this feature is not required on the Mini iPad and iPad Air, but in the iPad Pro.

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