How to disable ratings in-app on the iPhone and iPad

Apple has promoted a method that incites more users to leave ratings about the applications that you use. The problem lies in the “heavy” that may be having to exit the application and go to the iOS App Store to individually rate the application you are using. Therefore, that Apple is integrating a scoring system in-app that will allow us to leave ratings about the applications that we are using directly from it, through a pop-up. We will teach you how to disable the role of appraisals in-app for your iPhone or iPad.

in the first place we have to mention that this feature is still in Beta phase, and it comes testing from iOS 10.3 Beta 1. The API call SKStoreReviewController is available on the web site for developers of Cupertino company while we don’t have date confirmed for its official release worldwide. They have been left to see glimpses of the appearance in the iOS App Store of the United States of America, but not in Spanish.

However, if you are a user of beta or start to see this kind of pop up, you are going to teach how to disable it. So let’s follow the following steps: go into the settings of iOS application, we will go to the section iTunes Store and App Store and enter. Among all the options that appears, a call will appear to us reviews in-app with its corresponding switch.

only have to deactivate this function, and applications we won’t ask us to stop a review. However, Apple has warned developers that will limit this type of notifications so that they do not become annoying screen . Perhaps this type of system of reviews contribute to the improvement of the quality of the iOS App Store in the long run.

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