How to create Quiz with multiple-choice answers PowerPoint

if like create polls contests or you want to use a Quiz with multiple-choice answers for educational or occupational level, we’re going to teach to do it in a few steps in a PowerPonit.

for them use the Add Multiple Choice Quiz that allows you the amount of questions and answers that you want. But the most important thing of all the answers, you can give it to them the value of correct and incorrect.

You will first need to add the extension to your PowerPoint, so open you PowerPoint and go to “ Insert “, then select “ my applications” and from the window search from store plug-in. If you open the extension in the Web browser, it will be shown by default. After adding it, a page will open with the first Quiz. “

 everything can do you in a few steps everything can do you in a few steps

now you will have to attach a title to the question and all response options that you want. The answers will have to give a correct value (making it green), also you can add a comment to each answer. Another option is the possibility of allow only an option (just one right answer), allow several elections (more than one correct option) mix responses (the sequence in question will change whenever you start file), allow retry (reply several times) and limit attempts to (limit I try to, you can mark it with a number).

in the title can incorporate a track that will help participants to navigate complicated questions. This point is very useful to use in an educational environment, because you can give clues about the studied, no need to be so benevolent.
The “ Preview ” option allows you to see how will be the final design of the accomplished Quiz. “

 you can add multimedia can add multimedia

you can add to your slideshow both images, videos or texts, this will enrich the surveys, contests or exams that you are designing.

questionnaires with multiple options created with this plug-ins are very simple to make, in our tests, we have not detected errors in the answers.

 correct answer correct answer

the contestant when performing the Quiz, will need to select an option, or multiple selections if you designed it this way and then you will have to click on” send “, then you will be shown by a sign indicating in green the answer is correct or red if the answer is incorrect. Also appear a button to try again.

Multiple Choice Quiz, offers us a very quick option to create Quiz with multiple-choice answers . All under a professional framework that you can use in any environment, both occupational, educational or idle.

Multiple Choice Quiz is a free plug-in that is available for Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

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