How to create a hotspot with Raspberry Pi 3 Tor

once American politicians decide sell the privacy of its citizens to the highest bidder there are two specific searches that spiked in the engines. One is the VPN on and the other is Tor . Access to the Tor network on a single computer is not complicated, but if the goal is to extend anonymity to all devices on a local network, must be create a hotspot before, and for that role there is Raspberry Pi 3 .

what is happening on the other side of the pond privacy is something strictly domestic . Leading provider of connectivity there are known for actions and behaviors that come very close to criminal, but there are groups of consumers, associations without profit and certain politicians who have decided to give battle. Minnesota and Illinois voted in record time laws that maintain the restrictions on the sale of personal information, and it is expected that more States will follow the same path soon. Now, the truth is that nothing to prevent other countries take a similar decision. Yes the nefarious lobbying placed enough tickets in the pockets of lawmakers, the average user could be exposed morning overnight. The easiest way to protect themselves is with a VPN, but they cost money. The other option, is the Tor network.

there is much work on the console of through…

If you want to navigate using the Tor network all you have to do now is download their software from the official website and making certain adjustments to your daily sessions. However, the Tor network can be deployed so that our local traffic full pass by there . The process is not extremely complicated, even though tedious, and requires additional hardware. The most recommended option is a Raspberry Pi 3 but any computer with wireless connectivity can receive to Raspbian-Debian-Ubuntu should work. The first step is to install all the software in the Raspberry Pi 3, and turn it into a hotspot . The original article by Lifehacker has all the commands, like the rest of the instructions.

… but once completed, Tor will be available for all devices that are connected to the hotspot.

If you decide to do this, you must know that navigate through Tor has its price, and speed. Tor access is slow by nature, and there is plenty to do on your side to correct this situation. Their priority is privacy and anonymity the rest can wait.

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