How to configure parental controls of the Nintendo Switch

the Nintendo Switch has become the fashionable game console and one of the most popular gifts for the children (and the not so young). In addition to its revolutionary concept portable console and salon, and its original controls, Nintendo has much care from the moment the parental control can be performed on the time spent our children playing the game console, in which games spend that time and how to use the social functions of the Nintendo Switch . This can be done thanks to applications that exist for iOS and Android, and here we explain what we can do with them and how you can configure.

applications in the App Store and Google Play

Nintendo wanted its parental Control application is available to all, and so we can find them in the Apple app store and Google. It is a completely free application, and in the case of the application for devices iOS is universal which is valid for both the iPhone and iPad. You can download them from the following link. In the event that you want the version for Android you can download it from here .

 parental controls of Nintendo (AppStore Link) Switch

parental controls on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

how add your Nintendo Switch

once downloaded the application the first thing we have to do is create an account of Nintendo ” which is completely free and fast. That account will be that the application of parental control to associate, and not have to be the same as that which you add in the Nintendo Switch. I personally recommend that you add your Nintendo account to the console and that you think the children children’s accounts associated with your main account . All that you can do it from this link very quickly. This account will be that you will use for your purchases at the Nintendo store (it is not mandatory to add card if you do not purchase)

Add the console is very easy, and you just have to enter the same code in the Nintendo Switch than that shown you in the app for iOS and Android. You can also add several video game consoles, and all them will be associated with your account and they will be handled from the same application. synchronization between game console and application from this point is practically instantaneous and the changes you make from now on in the application will be reflected in the console in less than a second.

configuring restrictions

from now from the application can control the time all users who pick up the console, playing in games that spend time, and restrict the games that can be played by age as well as other options such as the use of chat rooms, etc. All from this application through the menus offered.

configuration options are quite spacious, and can limit the hours to which you can play the game console globally or day to day, if we want weekends to have a little more than time to enjoy it. We can even set a time to go to bed, arrival which will give equal to even have time available. Once arrived to the limit on the amount or limit of sleep, we can choose if we want only a notice to appear them or if we directly the application you are using suspension .

by age limitation works very similarly to the iOS restrictions, for example, allowing only those applications that are classified below the age limit that you have set. In addition each age has some limitations associated with topics such as the use of chat rooms or posting on social networks. In any case always we can skip these restrictions by entering our personal key, which is a 4 digit code that also set from the application itself, and that only we need to know.

useful information and control for children

are talking about application of parental control that each must configure and use depending on the age of your child and the ability of the child to be responsible for the use that gives the Nintendo Switch. It is always better that than the user set their own restrictions, but this is very complicated when we talk about young children who often do not know or where they get or the consequences that may have what you are doing. Information and restrictions are combined in an application that turns out to be an ideal complement to this game console and that each one will have to use more accordingly to abilities and age of our children.

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