How to configure and use Night Shift on Macs

so works Night Shift on Mac computers with macOS saw

with the arrival of more newly update Sierra 10.12.4 macOS for Mac computers Apple added mode Night Shift of iOS to your computers. In this guide we will see how to configure and use Night Shift on Mac without installing any third party application.

Like the Night Shift available for iPhone function and the iPad, this new feature for Mac computers allows us to change the appearance of the screen so we can use the computer at night without having so much discomfort in the eyes by the brightness of the screen.

Then we leave you with the index mostly related to use and configuration of Night Shift for Mac :

how use Night Shift on Mac

Apple makes easy the use of this feature, it can be activated manually or schedule can also be set to Night Shift so that the computer will change automatically every day , as you can do with the iPhone and iPad.

It also has the option to turn it on or off quickly without having to access the preferences of the computer system.

This is important, since there are times that Night Shift can be awkward to work with Mac especially if the edition of photography, video and design work are underway.

How to configure Night Shift on Mac

annoying bright blue light that normally comes out of the display of the device can be reached to bother much, especially when working at night. Why Apple released Night Shift for Mac, a feature of iOS users have come to love on the iPhone and the iPad.

Indeed, it became available a third party application called F.lux for Mac, but it is now integrated into the operating system on those computers upgraded to MacOS Sierra 10.12.4.

Now this feature is available by default directly on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 updated Mac computers, and users can enable Night Shift simply by going to the following path:

  • system preferences > display > Nigh Shift .
  • At this point we have to choose the option Manual: activate until tomorrow .

To enable Night Shift manually on Mac, this option will be maintained until the computer turns off. To disable this feature, we can simply return to the same screen and change the option.

Guide to activate / deactivate rapidly Night Shift on Mac

to enable or disable Night Shift quickly on Mac computers and without having to access the system preferences, we can also:

  • slide two fingers from the right of the trackpad to bring us up Control Center .
  • Once here we select the tab today .
  • Now, over the slip down.
  • At this point the options appear us Night Shift and do not disturb .

Here you can enable or disable Night Shift quickly on your Mac .

How program Night Shift on Mac to be activated / automatically disable

Apple includes a option that allows you to establish a schedule that Night Shift is activated and deactivated automatically in Mac for this have to:

  • go to system preferences > display > Night Shift .
  • Then click on the drop-down schedule .
  • Once done, we will see that we can choose between three options: off custom (where we put the timeslot in which this feature will be active), the sunset to the Sunrise .

Configure the colour or temperature of the Night Shift on Mac

in the same configuration screen of Night Shift, available in your Mac system preferences, it will also be possible to adjust color temperature, obtaining in this way make it more or less warm, depending on our preferences.

Certainly at least to us, we believe that the arrival of Night Shift to Mac computers is a feature very useful and easy to use.

already tried to use Night Shift on Mac ? What do you think?

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