How to check if a USB device works

with Bootable USB Test can check if a bootable USB device work properly . The platform creates an environment and virtual hard disk, from which we can test the USB device.

in the simulation are not created, changes to your computer and you also need to restart the system to to create the virtual environment . The utility gives you a small configuration options. (Manipulating the size of the RAM and the virtual hard disk space).

Once downloaded the program from their official website, you will have to unzip the file. ZIP into a folder. At this point it connects the boot in USB port device. “

 a simple platform a platform simple

now have to run the “emutest.exe” file and will open a window that will begin to scan the device. As you can see in the screenshot, virtual environment tells us that the device does not work. In this case you won’t have access to the virtual environment.

will conduct another test with a device in operation, and here we can specify the RAM memory of the virtual environment and the size of the hard disk. “

 click on Start have to click on Start

if the boot device works, you can perform the tests you need from the virtual environment created by the utility.

 virtual environment

actually the platform is a simple and very good choice for detect the good or bad performance of a USB device . In our tests we found as a 16 GB USB device does not work.

Bootable USB Test is a free program portable is available for Windows operating systems.

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