How to block calls from phone numbers unknown and hidden

many are wary users when they see that they are receiving a phone call from a number that have no stored on the agenda and not knowing it prevent lift. We can also find other users who would like to receive calls from the number that is and then store it to know at all times who you want to contact him. A time to this part and thanks to messaging applications, it is likely that if you do not use your device to work, receive very few phone calls after the week and which can receive can you not want to take them.

iOS allows us to natively block any number phone including it directly in the blocked numbers, so that we will never receive messages or calls from this number. But in addition also allows us to block all incoming calls on your device so that only sounds when the call is made by any phone number that we have stored on our agenda.

block calls from hidden phone numbers and unknown

Although this is not its primary function, thanks to do not disturb, can block all phone numbers who want to get in touch with us. We just need to configure it correctly as I indicated then.

  • in the first place we went to settings and select the do not disturb function.
  • to then activate the Manual tab.
  • now headed not to allow calls from and select all contacts.

in this way only will ring through our device all calls from phone numbers that we have on our agenda. All calls from phone numbers that are not on our agenda or are hidden phone number will not ring through our iPhone provided we have activated the do not disturb on our device mode.

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