How to block access to a WiFi network with a module ESP8266

block the connection to a wireless network is something that demand much responsibility . If you’re administers to that WiFi connection in the first place there should be no problem, and if the idea is only experiment… all you need is a module ESP8266 which you must reload firmware called «ESP8266 Deauther» developed by Stefan Kremser «spacehuhn» alias.

recently I came across a few articles that talk about owners of bars, cafes and restaurants, tired of customers who enter the place and all they do is to look at a screen, connected to the WiFi. Some of those owners came to the end of full removed their wireless networks, which obviously led to more than one client «victim» by decision, but then I had a doubt: perhaps no a temporarily block access to a WiFi network? While it is possible to hide the SSID to make it not appear in mobile devices, someone with the right tools could find the network anyway. Then there are the black or white lists systems based on MAC addresses, but that is not so comfortable to say. The alternative that we will mention today is to… apply a “jammer” on our own network.

Once loaded the firmware, enter your server, choose the WiFi network and began the attack. I repeat: With responsibility.

It all starts with one of the very popular modules ESP8266 which are acquired by three euros (en promedio) eBay and other stores. Then there is to visit the official website of the excellent project ESP8266 Deauther comes to us thanks to the efforts of Stefan Kremser known as «spacehuhn» on GitHub. Kremser describes two methods of loading with your firmware, and the simplest boils down to get the latest version of the .bin file, then perform the flash tool nodemcu-flasher. This is done directly on Windows, and those who prefer to compile from the source can do with Arduino.

the ESP8266 need a power source (puede ser un smartphone si tenemos a nuestra disposición un cable OTG) and on once connected to your network ‘pwned’ password «deauther» . The server is located at In its interior we seek our SSID and click on «deauth» to launch the attack. While the ESP8266 is receiving power, nobody within the range will be able to connect to our WiFi. They also suggested that this could be used as a kind of parental control and disconnect the smaller when comes the time to sleep. Finally, Deauther does not work on all networks. If the router supports 802. 11w or operates at 5 GHZ, the ESP8266 may not touch it.

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