How to add a sidebar on the desktop of Windows 10

not much time has passed Windows 10 release, but if you’re one of the users who already has bored its interface and you are looking for give it a value added both in the design and service, this article will be quite interesting.

Add a sidebar on the desktop, in which you can add tiles “ Live ” custom. These tiles are updated automatically and thus you will have the weather information in real time, also can to launch the music player or view the amount of battery that you have .

Once downloaded the program from their official website, you’ll notice that when you launch it will be shown the sidebar on the right side of the desktop. The first time you launch the platform will show you a little guide to help you understand the basic concepts of the platform.

 Quick Guide

some tiles you’ll find are weather, images, launchers, programs, control Panel, my computer, Recycle Bin, Notepad, etc. But you will only see only five tiles.

with respect to the mosaics you can change their position (top and bottom) and you can configure them individually, for example of the time, you can add your city by clicking on the Setting icon located at the bottom. “

 searches work very well search work fine

from the button of three horizontal points found in the bottom, you have five options, from the option “ Add tiles ” can add mosaics pre-staged (Bing Search, clock, battery, pictures, power, time, etc). The platform has its own store where you will find several gadgets very useful. “

 in the shop you will find complimentary mosaics in the shop you will find mosaics free

gadgets have the option to change the color set the opacity, resize and adjust different parameters such as location especially to live gadgets.

at this point, we want to make a clarification because the changes you make in the mosaics, with respect to the opacity or color there will also be in the sidebar.

from the option ‘ Settings “can select the option that the Bar starts with Windows that this always visible (on top of programs and documents), hide and show the bar also on a monitor, among other options.

Although gadgets service, already found in previous versions of Windows. The environment offers us the option of bar that you can customize, is real-time information is very useful, as well as also the shortcuts to different programs or services of the operating system.

working with the bar, we have noticed that it is not annoying, because your choice of auto-hide works perfectly, this is good when you’re editing video or surfing the Internet. But if you want to activate it and don’t feel like from entering your settings you can use the access to the keyboard (Ctrl+Shift+M) either move the mouse on the top right or bottom right of the desktop. “

 works very well is option works very well is option

MetroSidebar is a program free that is available for Windows operating systems.

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