How to achieve innovation to show results in your company

business sustainability depends on the ability to attract and retain customers. For this reason, almost all companies have declared customers as the center of its most recent strategic plan. To meet its new strategic plan, companies “clientecentristas” have to search new forms of generating value for its customers. Therefore, the conversation about “innovation” is so popular with employers.

currently, digital technology offers opportunities more obvious innovation. We call the organizational change needed to take advantage of digital technologies digital transformation. Still are very few companies that have been digitally transformed . Unfortunately, there is not a single recipe that leads towards digital transformation. Recently listed some of the problems most common digital transformation . It is clear that there is no trivial solutions. However, I consider that under the appropriate conditions, the transformation is possible.

transformation = change what we are talking about?

possibly faced a similar situation in your company. In my most recent article wrote about one of the paths that you can take business leaders to manage the change. But, what exactly they have to manage the leaders?

suppose for a moment that the change means to move from point A to point B in the following graphic.

two phenomena which operate in opposite directions are in charge of conditioning the movement. On the one hand, to generate movement, a stimulus is necessary. On the opposite side there is resistance, the counter force that does not allow movement. When both forces are in balance, and tend to be so, there is no movement or change.

leader management is to create and maintain the conditions so that the stimulation to movement is always greater than the resistance that prevents it. When this happens, generates a point of break that it generates positive movement. Occurs only until the break, you can generate change or transformation. How does this translate to the business world?

stimulate the movement

in my previous article I introduced the concept of the purpose. Leaders manage to inspire through stories, speeches and ceremonies where they explain their organizations from the why, need to change.

Although some extraordinary leaders can inspire crowds with concepts abstract think of Martin Luther King and his dream from my perspective, the medium most appropriate is related with the “insights” that produce the data. In a company, the best stimulus is the presentation of incontrovertible data that demonstrate the situation and generate discomfort. For example, financial results or operations mediocre. The difference is that these insights are to be seen as a starting point and not as the end point of the movement.

reduce resistance

the resistance to change is a natural characteristic of human beings. Possibly comes from the animal instinct of conservation, or may be embedded in our education. The reality is that the human being is, by nature, adverse to change. For this reason, the stimulation is more effective to generate movement, that the reduction in the resistance.

in the business field, the adversity to change is based on fear of the consequences of being wrong. Employees fear job instability or jeopardize the opportunities to advance professionally. But, as we shall see in the next item, err is inevitable. So that the average cash to reduce the resistance is to visualize the solution and minimize the complexity of the way of change.

give you the opportunity to experience

one of the basic premises of the innovation is that any idea, by very good to be, resisting his first interaction with the user. It is possible to find the solution on his first attempt, but it is almost certain that it will happen “by chance”.

“without rules of art, borriquitos there, that succeed once, by chance”. Iriarte

the assertion may be redundant and obvious, but few companies understand it. “innovation is, by definition, unknown. And the unknown imply uncertainty or ambiguity”. as well, in practice, exercise experience is to reduce the uncertainty of a solution, to take its fair share. It should be done before investing large sums of money in its implementation. I do not speak of running a small or pilot project. The method, described in detail in books such as The Lean Startup or The Startup Owner’s Manual, involves an iterative exercise to systematically eliminate the uncertainty in the project variables that produce the greatest risk with regard to the achievement of the expected result.

starting from a worthy problem be resolved, not of ideas extraordinary

possibly have noticed that throughout this article on innovation, barely mentioned the ideas. The reason is that, despite popular belief, ideas are not the critical factor of success. Obviously a good idea is a good platform for home. But more important than the idea, is the problem to solve. When solving a problem is important enough for the Organization, the (stimulus) will quickly beat the resistance. A good program of experimentation, inclusive and diverse, ensures that the best ideas will be afloat when they are required.

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