How much fits the iPad Air 2 of life?


If you have an iPad Air 2 will know that Apple has decided to update it by the (new) iPad . A product that comes to improve some specifications of iPad Air 2 but the most interesting is undoubtedly the price, therefore we ask how much is you left life to iPad Air 2?.  If you have one of these products and ask yourself this question, insurance you’re interested.

iPad Air 2 and its life cycle, how long?

the answer to this question is something complex, we know that many companies define the life of a product through the (famous) “ obsolescence “, however in the end is the user or client who decides the time of life of each device. All users have different needs, for this reason, a product as iPad ceases to have life when already it can not meet our applications and therefore we must replace it with a new model. The iPad can be a product whose life cycle extends quite a decision which comes long influencing sales of Apple.

 iPad Air 2

the Cupertino are often present and renew their mobile products each year, although just last year we did not see an update to the iPad as we were used to date. This may be not all users acquire these new products annually, but that relies on quite the use we give to each device of ahi que depending on the product that we ask, we will see a completely different renewal cycle. As a general rule, users tend to renew your iPad between 2 and 4 years of average .

the old iPad have more use for people less demanding

the iPad has two fundamental problems, the first is that do not have a system of short term update, usually rather delay the update of these devices (in my particular case, I went from a first generation iPad to iPad 4 and am still enjoying my iPad’s fourth generation).

 iPad Air 2

the second problems for Apple with the iPad is that the ancient iPad not to reject them completely, we usually give away them or sell them to family or friends (people close in both cases). That may not have much impact on Apple directly affects sales and cycles of renewal of the device. Each one of these iPad not discarded, means for Apple one sale less of this product

all these people close that “inherit” our iPad enjoy a satisfactory user experience but cause an alarming concern in Cupertino accounts at the end of each quarter to Apple. So my recommendation is that enjoy your device until your product does not meet your needs . If you need power and a device to work everyday where you need to make the most, your Air 2 iPad can last you perfectly 2 years longer. On the other hand, if you use your iPad 2 Air for “ things of an iPad ” (consume multimedia content, browse the web, check email, etc.) can hold up to 4 years where Apple will continue supporting you through software (iOS). Do you have an iPad Air 2 (or an older model) and want to upgrade?, tell us about your application and let us know if you are going to update it or not.

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