How long does you the iPad mini?

many followers and readers have asked us on the”lifetime” of some Apple devices ( iPad Air 2 iPhone 5s ) but how much fits the mini iPad?, are we to the latest iPad mini? is it worth to buy one at the moment?

mini iPad and its cycle of life

I have already said that a response about the life cycles of the iPad is complicated. Everything will depend on updates of software ( obsolescence ), but in the end the answer is always the same. Everything depends on each user that has this device. U n product like the iPad mini ceases to have useful life when it can no longer meet our applications and therefore, we must replace it with a new model. The fundamental problem with the mini iPad is that Apple has discovered that this product affects them considerably to their accounts. Therefore, we are perhaps facing last mini iPad that Apple will sell in the markets. “

 iPad mini 4 and its life cycle 4

Apple mini iPad usually renew their mobile products each year, although just last year we did not see an update to the iPad as we were used to date. If we add it mini iPad is one of the products that also tends to update along with the rest of the iPad as the situation becomes complicated. With the latest renewal of the iPad, we saw that only Apple would let a single model of the mini iPad. A model with a price of 479 euros and a capacity of 128 GB. Higher cost than the 2017 iPad’s 9.7-inch .

Apple prefers to buy you an iPad’s 9.7-inch to 4 7.9 inch mini iPad. So far, we could buy a mini iPad for just over 200 euros . This is no longer so, the profit margin was minimal for Apple and chose not to update your mini model and leave it in a great capacity to justify a higher price.

iPad and its renewal in the model mini

as I said before, everything depends on the use we give to each device.  For many users the mini iPad 4 can remain a quite interesting purchase due mainly to the size of this device. However, your hardware is not so modern and can not get to be renewed more by Apple. Moment you have to wait for an answer but one thing clear. “

 iPad mini 4 and its life cycle mini iPad 4 and its split-screen

if Apple renews its mini model of the iPad be sure that your device won’t be device cheaper within the iPad. That will be in the best of cases, at worst, Apple will not renew your mini iPad. While it is true that the iPad does not tend to be devices that are updated constantly (users tend to renew your iPad between 2 and 4 years of average ), for many people may be the ideal time to renew its mini model.

don’t forget to leave us your comments, questions or suggestions this device or other models of Apple and remember that we continue with more news on our website.

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