How can I save my Apple Watch activity data to restore or change the iPhone

insurance that many of you are not reading with a Apple Watch on your wrist, and who, like me, you have seen in the problem do not know how to save data from activity and achievements with the Apple Watch when you are going to restore or change the iPhone. Don’t worry, in this post I promise to tell you the solution to this problem, which is certainly much more simple than you imagine.

how do not lose our records of activity to restore or change the iPhone?

the Apple Watch has become an indispensable tool for many users who are fond of sports, especially after the launch of the second generation with resistance to immersion, allowing you to monitor our activities in the water.

here all right, but what if we have been fully engaged people with the daily challenges of Apple Watch and do not want to lose activity rings and medals achieved with the passage of time to restore or change the iPhone? “

 rings activity Apple Watch Apple Watch rings are very motivating.

The first thing we think is that we are doomed to lose it all, given that Apple does not allow us to make backup copies of the clock. Even making a backup with iTunes from your iPhone, the data will be lost. The key is to encrypt the backup that you do from your iPhone.

are why encrypted and how to do it?

at first one may wonder why we encrypt our copy, but after a few seconds it makes perfect sense in the world. Apple wants to protect the privacy of our activities with the clock to the point that only the owner of the watch is able to access it.

there are two very simple ways of backup our data encrypted security :

  1. backups with iCloud already encrypt our data, it is as simple as making the backup from your iPhone settings and restore to start the configuration of our iPhone after restore (after select language and enter our Apple ID).
  2. the other way is through iTunes. When connecting your iPhone to your PC or Mac with iTunes open, you can choose the backup is encrypted. Subsequently to restore it, we must connect our iPhone to the computer when we are in the same menu that I mentioned in the previous step. “
 Encripa the iTunes backup to encrypt copies of the iPhone in iTunes only should check this box.

As you can see, it is not complicated to keep logs of activity of our clock when we change the iPhone. However I think that Apple should enable us to “wean” those records from the rest of the content because when we see forced to restore the iPhone by poor performance, load a backup will not be as suitable to improve it since we drag all the files that were already giving us war with it.

I hope I have helped, and who will bother to get in shape before the imminent arrival of the summer, that surely more than one @ wants to look good body.

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