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in this post we will discuss the app AutoStart available on Google Play.»  Once you have it installed in our Mobile Android device (which can be a “ChromeCast” or a mini PC), only have to run it to configure it directly from the home screen so that it autoinicie the app (without this app running will not start the rest) as the apps that you want to run.

as you can see as the main screen of AutoStart has a minimalist interface configuration.

there only has to touch the button to activate the service (i.e., so that it is always active) and also, select the button “ Add” p ara to add one or more Android applications that you want to run automatically whenever you turn on your Android device, we say as we see only has to select the applications you want to start automatically after lighting of the phone (boot).

are slightly below other parameters that can be adjusted, which can help to make a waiting time before running these applications in the home. The first value will correspond to the own app while the second is the time that system must wait for other Android applications you are running.


a detail of this app is that f unciona on Android terminals with small screens (smartphones) as terminal screens more large s such as tablets, android TV, etc, all devices they where sometimes you can come to us very well to have available when starting these our app favorite

a clear example of use of the AutoStart app use it to start Seguricasa .  The app Seguricasa available on Google Play for € 1 aims to recycle or reuse an old terminal Android we have disused by fixing it to the wall, p ara that help us both to access control, such as the monitoring of the State of power supply (la utilidad aquí de Autostart sera para que se inicie automáticamente la app Seguricasa en caso de agotamiento de la batería o de un apagado involuntario)

given that the properties are the greatest asset of the people both on a personal level and at the level of companies or businesses, it is important to make sure that they are not accessed by third parties or are always electrically fed given the heavy dependence of the AC power supply, so it is necessary to be aware of any fall in the power supply.

send notifications if it detects a network outage, is possible without any additional, since hardware that would no longer be supplied externally (by the terminal charger) Smartphone, circumstances that can be monitored and processed within the application SEGURICASA which is interpreted as lack of AC network.

perhaps the interesting thing about the application is that doesn’t take any wiring or extra hardware as the only thing required is charger to feed the terminal, a SIM card (so that you can send SMS’s or mail in case of lack of electricity) and finally a simple cardboard established solidarity to the door so that when opening the access door tape the present proximity sensor in the front of any Smartphone.

the Seguricasa app can send notifications automatically via SMS or email as required in time detected a lack of network power or also the opening or closing of the door thanks to the proximity sensor which includes any Smartphone as well as also detect vandalism on the terminal to notify the user.

as examples of the usefulness of this application would be the monitoring of perishable foods l (i.e. keep the refrigeration) or heating systems, although obviously we all know how the c onsecuencias from a lack of mains may include many other applications: servers for it services , communications, security, automated irrigation, crops, aquariums, etc.

this app, then, is thought aimed at families, small businesses, or even business etc., because of its simplicity it is planned to be auto installed by any user. S eguricasa is an ideal solution for those people who are not willing to pay a fee for an alarm system but it would like to know what is happening in their properties primarily with the supply of alternating current in the access. the solution is unique, because it is not necessary to purchase any additional hw since it relies on a Smartphone to manage both access and cuts from AC mains of a house or premises

as it will be seen, “AutoStart” offers a fairly large simplicity when driving sel reliable automatic start without being root for any application such as for example the application Seguricasa

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