Hackers access Windows and FortiGuard Labs researchers have analyzed a malicious software to Mac OS X with Word-malware on

that can infect Windows PCs as well as Apple’s Mac OS X computer. It is spread over a specially prepared Word file. A special feature of the malware is that it runs different code depending on the platform, on which she meets.

 malware (image: Shutterstock) regardless of the platform the backers of the malware must convince their victims first to to disable the word security warning, which warns against the execution of macros from unknown sources. Then you can run the malicious code that hides in the comment field of the Word file. To avoid a detection by security software, the hackers have encrypted in addition the malicious code. The decryption is done via Visual Basic for applications (VBA).

then the malware checks which operating system exists. On a Mac is finally a Python script is downloaded and started. This it should be according to the researchers, a variant of the Python Meterpreter, which is part of the Metasploit Framework. The code is also publicly available on GitHub. The script’s mission was to contact a command server and download other malicious code. This function is currently inactive.

the malware start

on Windows, however, in the background, the Powershell.exe to further into the Word document hidden execute code. The last step will a 64-bit DLL file downloaded and run – the real function of this DLL file is not known.

as a further special feature Xiaopeng Zhang and Chris Navarrete researchers describe a function that allows the hacker apparently want to check the effectiveness of their malware. For each infected client gets used, a unique ID

Although Office of Microsoft’s applications that disable execution of macros from the factory, they will gladly to the spread of malicious code as no security gaps are required for the execution of the code. Hacker must convince their victims only by social engineering to ignore Microsoft’s security alert. The hackers also increase their success rate by simple testing of existing operating system, what most of the malicious programs but omitted. DISPLAY

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