Hacker Group of shadow broker announces sale of another NSA data to

the hacker group of shadow broker, which should have stolen Cyberspionage tools of the NSA and made public, is reportedly planning the sale of further data, which should belong to the U.S. foreign intelligence. Including code to be, which can be used to crack on the most common used computers, software and phones all over the world, as the Reuters Agency reported. From this source she should come zero-day gap in March stopped in Windows SMB Microsoft from late last week with the Ransomware WannaCry used for the large-scale assault.

 motive photo hacker (image: Shutterstock) in a blog entry, the group is to announce monthly publications. You should provide details of unpatched vulnerabilities in browsers, smartphones and network routers. Which products of which manufacturers are affected, the hackers were therefore open. Namely they called only Microsoft’s current operating system Windows 10 for the more recent exploits are available to them.

in addition, the hackers maintain that they have data banks that process payments via SWIFT, and the nuclear and missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. The tools and data want to sell them to anyone who is willing to pay for it. More details to follow in June.

in April shadow broker monitoring software and exploits for Windows was published which should come from the NSA . Accompanying documents also called details about covert surveillance of the foreign intelligence service. Among other things the NSA in the location to have been VPN -to compromise server used by the banks of the SWIFT network firewall systems of financial institutions and to monitor the transactions settled in.

Microsoft confirmed the authenticity of the published exploits, including a malicious software for the questionable loophole in Windows SMB affiliated. The assessment of the company, for users there is no danger, since the underlying vulnerabilities were already eliminated “with previous updates for our supported products”, in hindsight however proved to be wrong. The WannaCry campaign aimed at said Windows SMB gap is now deemed biggest Ransomware attack of all time.

about the origin and motives of the hackers group of shadow broker, nothing is known so far. May they announce right now new leaks, because WannaCry has impressively demonstrated the value of NSA zero day vulnerabilities in popular operating systems like Windows–even if WannaCry even her who probably only a few ten thousand dollars sales has brought.


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